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The big bang theory, Light & dark with a side of rainbow.

Sentience struck you & me. Things have never been more black & white.

You & I seem but the result of billions of years of gradual building of a simpler time into a more complex meaning of those time's. Witnessing more & more of the possibilities of the reality around us A never ending spiral upwards into infinite possibilities & downwards into rock bottom nothing. Nothing less then shattered pieces of what used to be, what we
collectively where. I find this moment in our history pleasantly welcoming a dawn of some new age. Its as if we have been tittering on the edge of war & chaos, Now we are speedily heading towards a land of plenty 'O Abundance. I feel as if we live in a Very young universe who's been occasionally met by some meaner, bigger &older universes. Claiming they knew more then we, yet truth be told there lack was just a reflection of ours.Our inability to help oneself as a collective; the real power accomplished like a vampire draining the life from a weaker life form briefly sustaining them simply because the individual couldn't find it in themselves what has existed the whole time, the ability to sustain and share. Instead like the vampire they hold
back real progression for a selfish eternity merely focusing on there gain '7 ignoring the lose caused by their actions. Yet these times have us saying no more to the vampire envision an end to all the bloodshed for short term profits.

I know from experience this life forced me into the well of vampires, Constantly depending on others to do things for me; it was designed this way Our Evolution made it so. A separation of gender & roles, One of the infinite possibilities of probability for a constructible life. A separation that forces you to learn from & rely on others. I feel though that our intellect has reached a point where one doesn't have to drain another to continue growing. Our collective growth has reached a point where we realize or natural imprint we have on one another. Consciously able to manage or energy consumption moving towards a brighter future as we compress ideas together manifesting a easier & easier reality. This change or shift i inevitable at this point & no one man or woman can stop it. It would take millions maybe even billions to move against the current opposing direction of where the collective wants to go; so good luck with that if you choose to be on the losing side. The side that wants it all for oneself & not for the rest.

It's been an upward struggle though many opposing ideas. I may preach a new age all I want but the truth is that I have had to climb a ladder full of traps thrones & punishment to see the world the way I see it today. Feeling change in the air yet when I speak it I'm constantly met with distain, ignorance, disbelief & repressive thoughts as if to dream of better days was something I should fear and stay away from. You don't have to look far to see how the vampires have drained many before I, speaking for better days. The likes of John. F. Kennedy , John Lennon & Martin luther king. Their struggle undeniable, yet in their wake a fear to stand up & aline yourself with there legacy is equivalent to unheard of wish washing Ho HA. Still I push forward as they did, not afraid of the recourse & punishment for my intentions to good onto others. it bothers me this malcontent ignorance many seem to have towards a progressive social stance. The belief that things are not heading towards a drastic change in world affairs is the struggle at hand. We are our own road block standing before one another racing towards the top of a short ladder, lacking the understanding that this ladder well always be short if we are fighting on it. The reality is when we all take a place on the ladder a step above or below the rest your still equal. You can then start passing new pieces up to the top & begin making it taller reaching higher then ever thought before. The metaphor is us, we are the thorns in one another sides, we are the traps catching one another from moving forward. If you can not see this then you are the one in need of self reflection, you are the one who is denying the self from true potential.

To me the big bang theory is an orgy of color & composition. It doesnt mater how or when exactly this began only that it is here now in the present day, still occurring. Things truly are black and white with a side of rainbow; the prime colors mixed Red, Yellow, Blue. From such you get a composition of everything that exists in a basic form of light. I imagine the dawn of time as one with 5 kingdoms. A kingdom on the left built of white light, 3 kingdoms in the middle Red, Blue & Yellow light, Finally the kingdom on the right built of black light. Since they where all of the same matter; light they saw one another as equals. They made deals with one another which began to mix their singularities into diversities; Just as we do today. Over a long period of time the 5 kingdoms could no longer see their singularities & began to fight amongst each other. Waging war and pointing lame on the other kingdoms for what they viewed as a short falling of their culture & heritage. Before long all the kingdoms where left in ruin, the children of the light left to clean up their parents wasteful mismanagement & misunderstanding of the other kingdoms. Some of the fallen choose to rebuild the 5 kingdoms a new, separating each other once again their story destined to repeat itself. However a few of the fallen indifferent to all the mixing that occurred rebuilt a 6th kingdom Distant from the 5 other kingdoms; this kingdom holding true to all the colors & shades of the light began their golden age together learning from one another instead of fighting one another. Their prosperity fruited in deep roots, they choose to learn from the lessons of the past & move with the change instead of the likes of their other brothers & sisters of the light who went against the changes & reverted back to the ways of the past.

We too are at this pivotal point of our story of the big bang, our giant orgy of beasts plants & elements, Con caving towards the end of the cycle. Your choice fully accepted, your place always respected in your universe, A spark of freewill granted to all sentient beings as has been since the dawning of time & space. Yet I warn all of those who choose to continue to be ignorant, choose to beat a brother down, choose Hate over Love, Fear over Hope, War over Peace. your days are coming to an end on my home front; on this planet we call Earth. The tides have changed & our collective well not have anymore to do with your nonsense. So continue making mistakes just as I do, but learn from them in a respectful, loving, Peaceful & hopeful manner Or find yourself starting over exiled from our land until you've learnt to accept all colors & compositions as equals, inspirations to your existence. For even apart we are together; still one.

Know there is no force but yourself out to get you, these days are full of inspiration and helpful bliss, be enjoy.
Peace, Love & Light.


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