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Steorn Released it's demo today in Dublin Ireland of they're Orbo Device

Check out they're website

An Introduction to Orbo Technology

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Not only is this awesome!!!! But its easy as hell to make. And you know what! I came up with the exact same thing. I just never got around to building anything. In retrospect maybe i should have. lol
I only knew if i could dream about this then someone could easily make this.
But yeah it works. scientist claim its impossible but its clearly not.

Like seriously seriously easy to make.
Nay, I say.
Nay you say? How so?

Peregrine Swift said:
Nay, I say.
Awesome !!!!!
I am surprised that its been advertised with no problem. Free, clean energy here we come...
Thank you for this Aaron cool stuff.
wow this is great!
excellent, Steorn is finally unveiling a working prototype!
This technology is real. Its ben around for a while now, just been surpressed. You will probably see manufactors pop up every where soon. This looks as the same as surge technology

This link will keep you busy for a while :)

Thanks for sharing Aaron.

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