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I've been listening to David Wilcock's interview on Project Chamelot, From Sept 17th 2009

I know it is a bit long but i'm just so happy and so excited that the end of most major cover ups, The end of the fed and A transformation in our world economic system that will benefit everyone.

Please everyone listen to this Show

Download here

We are in for such big and gigantic happenings around the world, like Advanced technologies being released to the public, Ufo disclosure, free energy to run our vehicles, Transformation in our consciousness, and more peace, a Global gold back currency and secrets being exposed all this in less than a few months.

It is going to seem a little scary in certain areas, but according to D.W. the economy is going through it's drastic shift very soon and we all will get through it very quickly. ( He brings up China and the value of our assets will be going up)

I'm almost crying a little bit, because i've been listening to David for a while now.

I hope you all download this link, i'm sure your all going to enjoy it.

A Dramatic Awakening is going to take place like nothing we have ever seen in history and this will happen when ufo Disclosure happens.

So our world will be completely different in less than 6 months

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Thanks for this posting Aaron. Love and Light always to you brother.
I'm still a bit blown away by David's message, it really shook me up. Now i'm more inspired to make the changes within myself even though i'm a bit of a slacker.
Google is on UFO's again, those guys must know something, its the third time a UFO appears on google logo
thanks for the info, this is very good news

I love Project Camelot and David Wilcock. Thanks for this positive post.
Dramaticaly Awake Now !
Please i dont care who you are getting your information from. Unless you have solid evidence please don't get peoples hopes up. Ive seen too many of these disclosure threads and too many broken promices. Please im just sparing the hopes of others since mine already broke a while ago.
Now i don't believe anything i read. AT ALL
Hey lovely friend Aaron :):):) ..Namaste bro.
Vaddix i know what you mean, but David has been on with alot of his messages on the economy, and many other developments, I havn't seen him off yet.

I know we all had hopes about this, but it is finally planned for us very soon. From what David has said, many of the Religious sects have been briefed already and are prepared to handle this, not all churches have yet, but many of the larger ones.

There is a Hold back of Disclosure by the powers that be and that is about to be changed, The Rest of the whistle blowers have been suppressed for a long time, now that suppression is about to be lifted and The Truth is finally coming out. David is also in contact with people who are in the Illuminati who are wanting to get out of the group and want this to finally go down.

We are just merely weeks away from this happening, no longer than 6 months according to David. Just listen to the show he explains it more better than i can. The show is now up on Youtube as the video i've posted.
good stuff but am thinkin in terms of hours not months. I hear the ships r dekloaking with the 21st/22nd sept over peru. Yep, we dea.
According to David Et's are not going to show up or do any mass landings, Not until between 2011 and 2012. It is us who are not ready yet, many steps must be taken before we finally make offical first contact. That is the governments must bring forth the evidence of Et's and Ufo's, as well as the Advanced Technologies being held from us.

I know there are sightings happening on a daily basis, but nothing is going to make a gigantic entrance and hang in our skys longer than maybe an hour if that.

The one in China stayed the longest back in August.

Kihanyaking said:
good stuff but am thinkin in terms of hours not months. I hear the ships r dekloaking with the 21st/22nd sept over peru. Yep, we dea.
hail hail rock n roll...

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