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What do you think about this? Just another lie or a true possibility, seeing how our financial system is going down down down?

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I don't see how the Venus project can even remotely be a lie. Everything seems to be steering in a positive and Utopia life style, Which is very plausible for the days we are in and headed towards.
Zeitgeist the movie is a must watch for anyone here that hasn't seen it. Especially the second one as it delivers some "How to solve the modern day problems" which included the Venus Project (Which is how I heard about this Diamond in the ruff.)
So As far as Im concerned its us steering into a positive future. I only hope it starts happening sooner then later, but hey if we now have a black president then Im thinking were defiantly on the fast track now.
I hope it is possible... but my 3D mind is encountering many difficulties. How can we start with this? Earth is so poisoned because of our behaviour and actions. We must first restore her before we can live like that I think, but where and how do we start?
...Maybe the major step for being able to live like this, will indeed be the financial collapse. This will result in big industries that need to be shut down, and thus no poison will be pomped in the air or in the water anymore by them. As the industries are closed, people won't need to drive to work anymore, so another pollution less, etc.
But how to survive the in-between-period? I mean, no money is no food. That is still the way it is...
(sorry for the poor English)
Well it well take a harsh crash to make this occur but at the same time we don't have to wait in the sidelines. We need to support small businesses again Don't by fast food, don't buy everything from the regular dealers that we have been change shampoos loll its all the small things that are going to add up and herald the crash that much faster. But the people well live, all we need is each-other. Money is just a means of trade cut the money out is like cutting a middle man out, however in the end there still going to be trade. People well fast realize that helping one another gets more out of life then killing or selfishly hoarding can ever.
I really hope this happens. Its not the first time ive read about the venus project, However in the system we're in now, I dont think its possible. Definatly the technology is there, and has been hidden for A LONG TIME(Nikolas Tesla), There just needs to be an incredible shift in the worlds consciousness (which i hope comes in 2012). I see too much hate fear and greed in present day society to beleive its achievable right now. Im hoping Barrack Obama will help bring about the change we need, or maybe we'll truly WAKE UP once the stock market crashes big time.
I truly beleive money(greed) is the greatest evil humanity has ever faced, and we cannot and will not succeed as a species as long as it remains the way it is.

By the way Mason Theriault, Zeitgeist scared me beyond belief, actually i owe that movie to me finding this path. so in a way i guess yeah it is a much watch, it will open your eyes. Havnt seen the second one though
Yah its only scary to think about because its the system we belong too right now and its hard to conceptualize that the people in charge don't have your interests truly in mind but then haven't we sub-conscience-ly (lol I think i just made a new word >.>) known this for the last 40 years.
But watch the second half of the second one it should bring much ease to the mind :P
Only because it gives REAL ways to solve it on the individual stand point and the larger
David Walker: I couldnt agree more, but will the powers that be allow Barrack Obama to make the changes, or will he be another one that stood up to make a difference to then be removed "BY WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE".
love & light.........
Thanks a lot for sharing your opinions. And yes... I hope this global change of mind happens soon, maybe in 2012 as David said.

"Maybe the major step for being able to live like this, will indeed be the financial collapse." -->> Ninie; totally agreed, and your english is very good : )

@Mason: "however in the end there still going to be trade" --> at least less harmful than money XD.
"People well fast realize that helping one another gets more out of life then killing or selfishly hoarding can ever" Yess, yes!! that's the point, I mean, how very pleasant it feels when we help others!! and I don't care if it sounds utopic, or whatever, but everything would be so fine if we care for each other and SHARE. >.< . For example... I don't remember if it was on history channel or cnn news where they reported that tons of food are wasted everyday in Austria (?) while people still suffer hunger on other countries... Resources are not being well distributed at all!

Must watch Zeitgeist part 2 here.

<3<3<3 Namaste : )
This seems to be along the lines of NESARA. Both seem to be about freeing people from the controllers to end the struggle. It does not look to be a lie. There are many here on Earth including me that want everyone to have the opportunity to ascend/transcend. Everyone has to realize Truth for themselves. Each has to decide they want It. Words and ideas are only a finger pointing the way. Truth is beyond words, thoughts, ideas and emotions. Truth is Beautiful and Amazing beyond belief and imagination.

The current system by design is to keep everyone in a struggle and polarized. To do so the system must be very wasteful. With struggle we stay focused on the world outside of ourselves and never develop our inner spiritual life. Even the very things people are encouraged to use to develop their inner spiritual life has been perverted to mislead. The Bible is an excellent example of spiritual teachings of a Liberated Human that have been manipulated in order to control. When I read words from the Bible there are parts that are obviously crap and mislead and then there are parts that only someone with a true understanding of the nature of Reality could have said.


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