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I have heard something about that orbs like being around art? I have no idea if that is true but I do know that when I took these pictures, that with what I later saw, the claim would not be all to strange...

These picture were taken from a legal graffiti wall in Sweden so there's plenty of art around there...

That's not dust or spray-dust.. Can't be..

What do you think?

Peace 2 yall

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you can't see them all at these resized pictures but ther are all over the place! watch in the black areas carefully and you will see many of them..
Hello David......
very interesting pics.....why don't you post them on the Orbs 'Group?

And here is a link to my blog....

wow those are amazing. defiantly not lens flare lol.

they are very much brain sized lol

i think they kinda look like the things seen on the NASA space videos.

There is defiantly something to them!

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