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I don't know what this means but i really saw the New Earth in my Dream, and it is way beyond our comprehension, because the colors were so much more colorful, the grass was soft, everything was extremely bright and lit up, the city's i saw from a distance were beautiful but i didn't get a chance to explore, since it only lasted for a short time.

All types of flying objects and saucers in the skys as well as beautiful birds, Some that i saw closer were Triangle shaped but with multiple colors and lights, not the Black triangles that we see here.

It was so over whelming that i just about broke in tears and it was so emotional for me in the dream. I didn't meet anyone there, but i was so shocked from seeing this. There was Grass and trees but much more defined and more tecture to them. I then went to another dream, then i woke up. I'm trying to write down everything i can remember, but they don't make any sense even if i write them down.

I thought you would all like to know, what our new Earth looks like. It's beyond words or any description i can give. I can say i felt extreme peace there as well, and i was crying from being in a place of peace.

Maybe anyone else has seen this new earth in more detail than i have. Let me know
I will try to get back there next time in my dream, what ever i did i don't remember.

I don't know if i will make it, but i sure hope so, but little by little i'm feeling that vast empty space.

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As above, so below brother, it all starts in the mind.

Peace and Love to YOU!!! Keep dreaming!!!!
Ive seen it too Aaron, its beautiful isn't it. It seems more real than real huh?
Thanks Amanda, i just hope i can get back there again in my dream. I have multiple dreams sometimes 6-9 dreams a night, some dark and scary, some moderate, and some fun dreams. This one, i had alot of emotion in it, so it's got to mean something.

Thanks again for you loving and kind words,

Lots of Love hon

Amanda said:
Awww..your a sweetie Aaron, sounds like you were blessed with a good a fairy tail..huh? I dream everyday that earth is this way...only in my imagination though...must have been amazing to experiance the emotion in dream time...chin up bro...we will get there...our creator is in love with us...and is very excited about this time for his earthly he knows she deserves it...he sees us..he feels our emotions...he is us...we are him...imagine how how our creator feels...stay positive..and open...good days and light my brother warm my heart..:):):)your pleaidian sister Amanda..
I must say its a positive sign the way you described it. That means we must of graduated. SO COOL! .
Some days ago I also had a very vivid dream.......
I was in the space...close to the ISS (International Space Station).
I was lying on outside part of the estructure looking at our wonderful planet.....
With no space suit....I did not need it :)
Wowwwwwww,,,,,, the colors vere so beautiful.......!!!!!
I do not remember how I got there.....only remember the feeling in that moment......
I still can "see" the images.....with such beautiful colours......nothing like the pictures we normaly see of Earth.

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