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Patricia, your post is filled with truth. The conspiracy is the conspiracy! They use fear to manipulate us into using our collective consciousness to feed their machine. The biggest fear of the new world order is the collective consciousness of an awakened population. We must collectively break the “spell” cast on us by our oppressors and manifest our own reality based on the understanding that all of creation is connected by the love of Source. We are here to amplify and reflect that love back into the universe.

Love and Respect

paTricia T. said:
You're right Chris...people need to be careful about what they suck in. Symbols are not a concern...they are for all to use...good and not good. (but do know them well). It is the information that is my concern. For example, the Secret. Too funny! There was no secret because the info had been available for centuries. The laws of attraction have been known to many for years. But the sad part was that they only gave a bit of the so called secret and left out important details. Of course many people failed using it. Creating doubt is the dark sides priority.
But what we see going on here is that they are trying to get the peoples permission to go ahead with this. They need a collective consciousness to agree to move forward. They need our permission to allow it to be so. By wording it the way they did, the peoples mind says, hey that sounds good ok then. This is the real power of the "secret".
Put it this way...the law of attraction...does a child attract death and destruction...of course not. But the masses of population accept death and destruction and therefore it comes...for all in the way.
We do not want the one world gov...yet many sleeping people see it as a way of surviving...therefore they give their permission and bring it forth. We've got a hell'of'a job ahead of us folks.

And one last thing....I sure hope the new currency is beans. That way I can grow my own. lol.
I will never buy that guys opinion on the future of the USA...Know I will give my opinion on the future of the USA We the PEOPLE Will start to wake up Like Yamamatto said after his attack on Pearl harbor We have only awoken the sleeping giant .And he knew this truth.And these elected officials who have forgotton what thier job was and who they work for .They will Be reminded in a court martial fasion trial for all to see Then the Federal Reserve bank and all its assets will be seazed and all bankers involved in hijacking our monetary system will be in prison for a long long time .And all who refused (the FBI-FAA-The JUSTICE dept) a real investigation to be conducted on 09/11 will be the first to recieve the justice they deserve then our bush and all his cabinet members will be arrested and charged with mass murder . To allow these acts on 9/11 to just go away make us unworthy of liberty and justice. These handful who thought they had their dream of a New World Order communist government will feel fear from the thing they have always feared more than anything and it is called the truth And the people will all realize who has denied them of the truth There end has one outcome that is thier EXTINCTION
the law of attraction...does a child attract death and destruction...of course not. But the masses of population accept death and destruction and therefore it comes

Amen,Pat :) im gonna quote ya
lol only a matter of time

I didn't even watch the video haha.  Yea this is a old and dead thread but i couldnt resist saying SOMETHING.  All this NWO stuff is just a distraction for the slightly smarter sheep.  Just standing around eatin grass and talking about alllllllll the different secret groups and thier plans to shave the sheep.  Thats the whole idea right there.  Don't fall down the rabbit hole.


If you look over the hill there, by that tree, a wolf watches the sheep.  That wolf isn't after the sheep at all.  He does wonder why they just stand there waiting to be shaved and slaughtered for food.  He waits for the herdsman.  The wait isn't to terribly long either.  As soon as the wolf spots the herdsman coming he signals his pack. 


As the owner of the herd walks into the pen of sheep, knife in hand, the wolves creep closer.  Uh oh the sheep are alarmed.  They know something is up and it isnt good.  Not good at all!  A few sheep get the business end of a knife before the wolves spring onto the owner.  Ripping the clothes and finally, skin. 


Sheep bleating everywhere in a panic.  What a sight.  The wolves stop, forming a circle, stepping back from thier attack.  In thier midst stands a big black wolf with taters of clothes still upon it.  Confusion is all that registers in the sheeps eyes as they watch the black wolf get devoured by the others.


Well i just felt like writing lol.  Anway.  These different groups some are so worried about, dont worry.  Waste of time and energy to worry.  Besides in those groups there are factions within factions.  Each with there own unique agenda.  Even opposite of the main group agenda.  Hows that for messed up? 


As far as the "global unity" thing goes that can be either a good thing or a bad thing.  The money will be unfied first.  This old news I know.  You can see it happening today if you just pay attention.  As far as the symbols and all the code and stuff, so what?  It doesnt mean what you think it does.  One symbol can mean different things depending on who sees it.


 I just have a heightened sense of self awareness.

The truth is there not talking about is that people know on a massive scale have just awakened to the truth and the banksters responsible will get a taste of fear for the first time and when these control freaks see that there is going to be no time left the mass awakening will take them and all there dark projects and rip them apart and bring justice to those who deseve it ,in just a couple weeks they will know there empire is coming down everything will be crazy for a few months so I would stock up on lots of non perishble foods and water .and stand up and stand together and refuse to play there control game with your life anymore we will prevail we will not alow them to cause anymore suffering to satisfy the military industrial complexes profits so it is dats away to decide whether you will stand up to the ones who want you to serve them as they see fit .

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