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I Wants ta go to England and Break Biscuts wit da Queen...Could You Guys Flip me a Sawbuck?

I think da Queen is da bees knees, and I'd love ta talk with her about gettin a job at Winsa Casti...Winsa know, da place she lives. Dat would be great! Thanks Light Woikas!

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Let's make it to the Balmoral Castle: you know, so then we can get to party Illuminati at the virgin's sacrifice? LOL

;) Cari Saluti

Dat sounds real nice iDom ya know 'cause I happens to have heard they do that in the catacombs beneath Vatican City, which, if you happens to see my page, is where I'm's from. Check out da video thingys I added...dis nice lady talks about dis stuff, wo-wo-wo-wo-wo, I hopes MI-6 doesn't pull a Princess Di on me!
Wo-wo-wo-wo-wo! The Illuminati, to be behind somethin' that sacrifices poiple, to create a desired reaction? You been readin' too much Icke...or NOT ENOUGH!

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