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im in the south of ireland it just got dark here and for the second night i see no moon very light cloud cover no rain just took a 10 min walk to the shop NO MOON

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ever heard of a new moon phase?

>_> pointless thread.
Yep :)

The Annunaki said:
ever heard of a new moon phase?

>_> pointless thread.
I made a group

For all all those claiming the new moon which i know of aswell, it's the fact that people are claiming the moon has been gone for a week or so which is not normal. Anyways check out the group, i'm trying to make it a centralized area for this topic.
You guys do know the moon control's our tides. If it dissapeared we'd have mass floodings. I however have not seen the moon for about a week either. but i haven't necessarily bee looking. I noticed on 10 14 08 its had a MASSIVE ring of light around it like a halo though.
Clouds for a week now have been blocking my view of the moon and the stars.
hmmm after the new moon, 2-3 nights after I haven't seen it too.. maybe clouds are blocking it.. hmm about 2 nights ago about 3am, I can see some lights in the clouds that I hope it was the moon, but to my surprise usually the moon's at the back of my house at 3am, now it's heading to where the sun rises.. weird.. I'll check it again tomorrow night anyway..
Vaddix said:

Thanks for this..
and The Annunaki too about moon phase..
You do realize the moon does not rise and set with the night? That as often as it shines at night it also shines during the day. If the moon wasn't in the new moon phase right now you'd have a perfect view of it from Easter Island, as it is positioned directly over the South Pacific Ocean.
Yay we have a witness :)

Sunrise said:
I saw it 2 days the afternoon...
We'll see in a few days. Nothing but cloud here :( so i wouldn't be able to tell anyways.

Has anybody even seen the outline of the moon. I know i was able to see a faint outline of the moon even though it wasn't shining this summer?
I know, I'm howling with laughter over here from these discussions. But replace the moon? Who says that? lol I've never heard that.

Mariell said:
I realy feel strange, lol lol: first I would lough so much on this whole discussion about the moon, and more funny would be to have it monthly, as JBlue said, hahahaha, and second there is this issue on the replacing of the moon?!! which sounds more serious... what does it mean?
Ye they have to replace it because our moon now is one big satelite base that controls us :-s And thats not good :P

Love & light
By Jure

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