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We hall have our focus on light and love and positive thought, something which i think for many of us here has come as a recent change mostly within the last 6 months. This has been a great change for many of us.

This post is about your feelings towards TV, Film, Games, and even magazines and media.

Is it just me, or is anything and everything of a low vibration just becoming boring?
I'm talking about violent shows, scary films and gory games.

It has really become clear to me just how much of the negative is in our everyday lives.
We all know that these are devices given to us to distract us and to keep us in a low vibration.
So we should get rid of them right?
Sure they are a thrill for a time, but are they anymore?


For years i loved playing first person shooters on my PC.
I find myself now becoming board of them. I'm seeing, and feeling the negativity in them.
Not to mention how realistic they are now, shooting someone in the face has never been so life like. and that isn't really a good thing. I know its not real, and the people aren't real, but the thought processes sure are.

So its one step if i shop playing these games, but i know there are still so many people feeding to that vibration. i worry about how many kids play games like GTA. They have age ratings (with good reason) but they play them anyway. The whole debate of the effects of violent games and films on people and children has been a waring debate for along time. But i feel sure that no good can come of those low vibrations.


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I agree! Let's create much more challenging games, about courage and love and light and being fearless in the face of the unknown!

the reason your feeling this is because all FPS's out recently have sucked. haha. Besides bioshock. Read atlas shrugged its what that games based on and how the illumanti run their bussines.
but you know what. Ive felt the same. There hasnt been a game ive wanted for a while now. Mostly cause now days their a huge investment at 60 dollars. but i do see your point
Yeah your right lol. Crysis was fun, but im playing farcry 2 at the moment, and it just feels so evil.



David "Vaddix" said:
the reason your feeling this is because all FPS's out recently have sucked. haha. Besides bioshock.

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