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Do you know the elements of fear? I think most of you do otherwise you probarbly wouldn't have found your way to this site or the previous.

But for those who don't, i hope we that know about it can speak of it here and how to rid yourself of that.
Im not an expert on it but i have no fear any longer.

First of all, know this:

Just look at us. Everything is backwards.
Everything is upside-down.
Doctors destroys health, lawyers destroy justice,
universities destroy knowlegde,
governments destroy freedom,
the major media destroy information,
and religion destroys spirituality.

We are all working to wake people up and so far so good, though we have met alot of resistance.
I don't mind that, it only fuels us more to do better.

But what i really wanted to speak of is the Elements of Fear.
And i strongly believe that we need for the people who call us names, work against us and are filled with hate and fear to understand what fear REALLY is.
As for me just now lately i have come to know what fear really is. And when i did, i see fear everywhere.
But it has ZERO effect on me now because i know what it is. Im not an expert though i might be. :)
I ask simple questions to "uninformed\fearful minds" --: "What do you feel when you loose, have to pay unexpected bills etc...
What do you feel?? And what do you think this finance crisis is doing to minds that care almost only for money?
They get angry, hateful, jealous, greedy and so forth... We see so much value in a piece of paper that does not consist of knowledge!? It's sick.
It's just a piece of paper with logos. :) It is all about positive and negative energies right ?
So what happens when people loose this fake "positive energy?" They get broken. Not everyone of course. But many.
You see where im getting at? So i do what i can to teach people of what fear really is.
And on the TV we see that madness of " Hey i got 3 cars in my garage instead of 1, therefor im more valuable and better than you or " i got this title and this education. So im better than you! But do they care for others?
It's just things and titles and appearances of lies!!! Girls and boys become objects...

"Im not thin enough, im not big enough, im not tall, fit, in control of my emotions, smart, good, nice, healthy, pretty,
cool, tough, strong etc etc... IM NOT PERFECT! So we get botox, plastic surgery, makeup by the tons...
Im not saying it's wrong to look good but it's getting very extreme and doesnt seem to end.
If you know some of this or more, tell people about it.
When you know what fear REALLY is. You laugh at it. :)

So please all, write more here so we can learn more about the wicked things that fear does do us and the society.


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Nice Post.

~Love and Light
Thank you. Yeah i figured it might be important for those who feel angry, sad, jealous etc.. to know why! Rather than just feed their own emotions like "im not smart enough, im not skinny enough, im not strong enough etc..
If you look at your TV or read a few magazines for a few minutes you see it so clearly. Be like this, think like this, if you dont your no good... it's just a load of mind bending crap! :) DONT BUY INTO IT!
Smile and be yourself! Accept yourself and others. Aint no TV or magazine gonna tell me how to be or think!
Im sorry but fck that big time! Lighten up!!! :) We all bleed the same colour, we all cry the same sorrows!
WE, are the ones WE have been waiting for. If you see the madness, know that you are sane.

-Love and Light to you all-

I hear you sister!

But i can tell you this, i live in Norway. And it's said to be so good and rich and nice... might be true to some degree but there are plenty of robots here. PLENTY. But not to that degree you have over there.
Everything is expensive even though you can live good with a simple job, but the LOAD of taxes on the dumbest things you can imagine is taking its damage and they are adding more taxes on things as we speak. And on top of that our so called leaders in this country stinks with lies, lies, lies. It's true. I see them on the TV and suddently my livingroom smells!? "WTH, i say" " someone in here let go of a big one?" :)))
And the worst part, WE ALL KNOW IT! And they know that we know! And still they keep on crapping in our faces.
This is going to change however. You wait and see. :) If it have not been for people with intuition like you, me and many others the world could never change. We are snapping people out of it by the day now, and it goes faster and faster.
Too bad the leaders cant see this until the day we rip their doors off the henges! :) Then they'll cry " Sorry, sorry, sorry"
By then our mission has been complete anyway. :) And our ex-"leaders" are swimming in the middle of the atlantic.

-Love and Light-

FEAR is instilled into us from an early age.
Be scared of the dark, ghosts, spiders etc etc.
Thats why my 5 year old son has never been told anything negative from an early age.
I force no beliefs onto him, he can walk around the house in the pitch dark, spiders dont scare him, ghosts are just people who have gone to heaven etc.
He is being taught that he can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to, this is the way we should ALL be taught, FEAR NOTHING....
Sirenofsevenseas said:
In a mad world, only the mad are sane.

I agree with everything that you said and as soon as I can figure out how to post my own feelings, you'll see, I live in american and I experience on such a deep profound level of hate and fear just in my area.

it's disgusting. maddening. hopeless.
that is why. I must leave. I must leave or my sanity will shatter and I will die.

I live here too. Oh god its so maddening to see this on a daily basis. 2 years here and im sick of it. Im going back to Scotland soon as i have the money. Though i hear its not much better nowadays. I wish i could help but most people are so ignorant and self obsessed to listen.
The true nature of fear... So what is fear?

Fear is the belief that something untoward will happen to you unless either x or y is true. I did not say 'knowledge of' but 'belief that'. Because so strong is our belief into fear that we never explore the possibility of absence of either x or y.

I would call myself an observer of humanity. In the past decade, I have slowly detached myself from dominant belief systems, expectations, patterns and molds. And I understood, then, that fear is something which controls us, and it holds no power if we simply choose not to let it.

It is sometimes said that we are not, in fact, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (the thinking man) but in fact Pan Narrans (the storytelling chimpansee). Up to a point, I believe this is true. Ask anyone a question like 'why do you not simply quit the job you so hate?' and their answer will include an elaborate constructed personal future of misery, misfortune and suffering. And all this only because they have constructed this story for themselves, using it as a reason to stay exactly where they are, using it to fuel their fear. Because fear is also a security blanket. If something you decide to do fills you with fear, you believe it is not worth doing, and therefore reinforces your previous decision not to change anything at all.

To put this in a contemporary context: being rich and the banking crisis. I am not rich by any standard, but neither do I have any debt. Years ago I made the conscious decision not to buy into the false promises of easy credit and fast money, and worked for every cent that I own, in jobs which did not conflict with my personal moral or ethos. Yes, I have quit many jobs which promised larger wages because I sensed within myself that I was doing something against my personal sense of morality. I have seen how such jobs have transformed human beings into a semi-waking state, content only to move from their beds to their places of work at exactly the same time, sitting in exactly the same seats, doing exactly the same thing as the day before, returning home in exactly the same fashion and then spend what they say is 'quality time' with their families before ending their day and starting it anew, living entirely for the weekend when they are 'free' and strive for their retirement when they no longer have to work that dreary job. I ask you all, is this not absurd? Is this not the very thing we, by all rights, should be 'afraid' of? To give up our humanity and creativity for the simple security of survival and living our lives in constant fear that if we try to break that vicious cycle our survival will be taken away from us?

I've broken that cycle. I'm still here, I'm still surviving.

Wake up, everyone, and see the world for what it truly is. Something to be experience, something to be lived to its fullest. Everything you do should be for personal growth, to experience more of what you want to experience. Do not trade your lifetime of experience for the quick security of ignorance.

THAT is the true face of fear.

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