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Blossom Goodchild's Channeling of the GFOL on Dec. 7th, 2008

16. Dec 7th.

Morning! Are you game for answering these questions that a 15 year old boy sent through? Would be something different don’t you think? I know you know many ask me to ask you questions … for some reason I know you want me to do this.

It would be interesting … for some of our ‘takes’ on the questions may differ from what their original intent is.

No matter. Let’s give it a go shall we?

We first of all ask you Blossom to go a little deeper within your position of your head space with us?

Did as I was asked. OK here goes.

1.What is their location in the universe?

The particular ship that we are communicating from has been circling your orbit for thousands of years. Therefore we do not have one position for we move when aptly convenient and necessary.

2. Are they much more intelligent than us?

We would say by your behavior as a species sometimes … YES. But in Truth …. NO. We KNOW of more things, but we would say that if the fullness of the human brain were to be in use we would be asking you for tutorage.

3. What do they look like?

We have stated before that aboard our craft there are many from many planets. Look at the differences within the human race and try to imagine the vast differences that may occur between those from different planets. We are from many places and each look very different. We say that some of us ‘put on’ an appearance in order to be accepted, as it is necessary to do so. There are those who visit us from THE HIGH COUNCIL that ‘adorn’ an appearance as they are simply DIVINE ENERGY. We, that are communicating with Blossom are a Conscious Energy. We embrace many. We are not necessarily as you may imagine. It is that we ‘give out’ an appearance in order to be recognized. We that are speaking now are an ‘All’. Yet we present to Blossom of ‘Star-kind Beings' as in … almost white transparency bodies, very lean, very tall, no hair follicles, with large eyes and a ‘line’ where ‘your’ lips are placed. Blossom is feeling LOVE more than the vision we present, as this is how we CHOOSE to appear for convenience purposes ... There is a large spectrum.

4. What exactly do they think of us?

It is not in the ways of your world. We do not form opinions or make judgments. WE LOVE YOU …EACH AND EVERYONE … for that is who we are and what we know. That is not to say that sometimes we find certain distinctions (?) baffling!

5. How many other intelligent species are they in contact with?

All. It is difficult for you to comprehend. For in a sense WE ARE All. WE THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ARE PART OF IT ALL. From your position even trying to explain would not be understood. Please KNOW we are ALL … therefore in contact with ALL.

6. What are the other species like? What do the other species think of us?

We would be here for too long if we were to give you ALL of that information. And we would say there is too much to go into. Would we say perhaps, that any one thing that you could imagine or create in your mind regarding a species and a planet … Then there is one! From where you sit as humans, it is simply impossible for you to grasp the VASTNESS. It cannot be done by you in your position. It is never ending. There are never ending planets and species upon those planets. It is so. And yet … there is a place within the soul self, a place that one can KNOW of EVERYTHING. This may not be understood on one level , yet ask yourselves if it is TRUE and the part of your Being that IS THIS KNOWING will tell you this is so.

7. Do any of the ET’s want to or have they wanted to destroy us?

On this matter we would say there are those who were once ‘detached’ from the human race who have chosen to connect with forces that do not serve the whole … but the individual groups that yearn for power. It is not so much of wanting to destroy as to control, which could involve destroying if it became necessary. Yet we say to you … these ones that have succumbed to greed and allowed the forces that are not of the Divinest Light to engulf them, shall in time return , as indeed all energy shall … TO THE LIGHT FROM WHENCE ITCAME. This is all we chose to say on this matter. Other than , we have those in place that spend a great deal of energy focusing purely on bringing these Beings out of the position they have trapped themselves within and back into their rightful place. This is no easy task as they have allowed themselves to enter into the vibration of your planet in a fuller way than is of safety to do so. Once this takes place, it takes much work to undo the ‘damage’ that has been done. And yet we say …. There are no mistakes. Life unfolds. All life. It is as it is. No more. No less.

8. Do they know anything about 2012?

Indeed. We wish those who read these words to know that 2012 is a ‘predicted’ space in your time. How YOU AS A RACE perform the necessary upliftment shall determine WHAT actually takes place and WHEN …. and HOW. It is up to you. Many fail to realize this.

9. What are their and other species religious beliefs (if any)?


10. What do they do in their lives?

Upon our ship, it is like your world. It has to function. Therefore there are many that are assigned to the continual upkeep of the energies of the vessel. And in answer to many … our particular ship IS an actual vessel. We live our lives via energetic vibrations. There are those whose task it is to keep these vibrations on their correct frequency etc. So many many things that we do in order to function and adhere to our mission. We do not need sleep as you on earth do. Yet we have … shall we say ‘switch off time.’

11. Do they have a "base" on our moon like me and many others suspect?

We would not call it a base. We would say there is a ‘set up’ there. Just as there are ‘set ups’ in your oceans and in your caverns. It is unknown by many exactly how close certain undertakings by others that are not of your species are involved with your race. And this does not mean simply on a telepathic mentality. You would be very surprised at how close physically some Beings are. It does not mean that they are of the same vibration as yours though and this makes a difference …. Regarding in your world you say …. Seeing is believing.

12. How do their crafts/UFO's work?

Energy powered from crystal. Too large a matter to enter into. These crystals are our lifeline so to speak. That is another ‘job’ for many. These crystals are what we would call ‘sacred’ to a certain degree. They are strongly guarded and maintained.

13. What exactly is their plan for "fulfilling our planet's destiny"?

To assist. Only to assist. To show a better way. A way that is of Love. That is our plan in its simplest form.

14. How, why and when did they find out about us? Did they help in our evolutionary process?

Some of us created you! We have known of you since the beginning of you. We have been closely observing you ever since your creation. It is part of the plan when you were created to be observed in this way. To see how the experiment panned out.

15. Are they of the same or very similar race as we are?

Some on our ship are quite similar in appearance and yet with all respect we would say it is of appearance only in which there are similarities. You must try to understand that this ship we speak of is not small. It is probably beyond your comprehension. There are ships used in this ship to travel to different locations upon it.

16. Do some of our governments know about them? Are some of our governments involved with them or other ET's?

All of your governments know about us. All of your governments have been in contact with us. So much is to be revealed to you as your time in the near future of your days unravels. It is inappropriate to speak more of this at this time. The TRUTH will be revealed. There is a sureness of this.

17. How do most of them communicate?

Telepathically. It is quickest and clearest. Much can be transferred in one thought form. Words can be misconstrued. Feelings cannot.

18. Do they admire any of our inventions, art, abilities or accomplishments?

Your inventions were from us. Ideas put into your heads. That is not to underestimate the inventors! The ones on your planet who brought these ideas into palpable matter. Who made something from a thought, become a reality. Is this not ‘life’? For Art … we indeed are overcome with emotion at times (although many of you believe us not to have such a thing.) The beauty that is brought forth from the depths of Love within the soul into creations for another to purvey is indeed a human quality that thrills. It Lightens your planet. And accomplishments? Of course. We often find ourselves like proud parents. The bravery of some of your race is far beyond expectations and it fills us with hope. For indeed … YOU ARE PART OF US … JUST IN ANOTHER FORM AND DIMENSION. That is all.

19. Are they in any way sexually attracted to humans?
We are not of that way with the human race. Sexuality is a certain energy vibration upon your planet and it is not of our vibration. It holds a certain frequency. May we say … what was ‘designed’ with the creation of the human was something beautiful regarding sexual attraction and its activities. Much has been lost from its original intent and lesser Light forces have taken it from its place of beauty into a place that we do not consider to hold any light at all sometimes. Yet, would we say … those who take these activities within LOVE … experience a High level of the vibration for which it was originally intended. It indeed can be a place to ‘go home’ for a while. Freedom of choice. Some upon our vessel have ‘needs’ that are similar, yet different. Others are beyond this and have no necessity for it in their energy.

20. Will they accept any humans into alliances or relationships with them?

We will accept ALL those willing.

21. What sort of animals are there outside of our solar system?

It would depend on what dimension you are residing within!! A vast amount of different ‘animals’ exist. Although not necessarily the name that is given for such energies elsewhere. Again this is a subject that could take an eternity to embark upon.

22. What is in store for our race in the future?

That is entirely up to your race. You choose!

WELL ... THANK YOU ! Just thought I’d go for it. Variety is the spice of life. In case you don’t know the young man’s name is Curtis.

We knew.

Thought you might! Till next time. Gotta go or I might topple of me perch!

One more thing … When each one of you takes a silent moment to connect with us … notice the ‘feeling’ in your Being. We are saying HELLO.

Cool. And I’m saying goodbye!

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I am listening now to this channel that Tony has posted

It is very relevant to this discussion and perhaps having a listen will help to answer many of the questions you may have.

I am resonating with it very strongly.

ow, well that can be the anwer

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