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Well It looks that Disney has a new MOvie called (Race to Whitch Mountain), I suppose they are getting the public prepared, especially with the movie (When the earth stood still) that came out this month. So Disney is jumping on the ufo and Et Subject for 2009

It's release is in a few months

I just thought i would let you know more movies on ufo's and ET's
Ofcourse my Favorite will always be
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
And Contact
I don't really go to the movies anymore, but i still rent once and long while it depends all the new movies are just horrible now. I don't know about (when the earth stood still) I don't really know what that one is about so i wait and see when it comes out on Dvd.

The movies i love to watch are the ones like The Secret and What the Bleep do we know.

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Aaron I'm liking the New You my love, you are giving off different energies for sure.... more determined and confident and positive.... Idon't know what you've done but I can feel it...
You two top films are my two top folms aswell!!!

I have been watching CLose ENcounters since it forst came out and have always been spell bound with it, i can watch it time and time again and I always cry at the end adn I always have the biggest ache to go home....

The remake of the Earth stood still is very good, the message is very very clear.. but i think it will get lost on the majority of people who are not awake when they watch it...
I had a long conversation with my 15 yr old stepson about it, he said it was rubbish and then we watched it..... we explained to him that not all films must have a fantasticly implorable story line bu tthis one had a very important meaning.... needless to say he still doesn't understand...The other kids are watching it soon, we'll see what they think...

Love and hugs and keep up the good work

Torz xx
Well if you think about it...
They have covered up this subject in the cinemas for a long, long time in my opinion..
last century they made lots and lots of movies about ufo's didnt they?..
but it suddenly stopped I do wonder why?

Maybe It's just what I think, as I haven't seen many movies of this subject..
but also the X-files movie is comming this year aint it?
I just got "the feeling of revealing in that movie"..

the last movie had like nothing to do with aliens to do.. I bet this one does as the whole thing about Mulder that we never got the answer of in the series is that of his sister being taken by aliens... let's hope they bring it up in that movie, and I bet they do...

So much will happen this year so I expect the unexpected.. and I'm keeping a good eye out on the movies cus I know they play a big roll in all of this....

atleast these moviies is a bit more for one year than I've seen the last 10years. and we are still in january folks...

I know that Roswell incident was part of all those old ufo movies but didn't the Illuminati control the movies already back then?

But now all of a sudden it starts again... strange..

think about it.. How many movies about aliens or ufo's have been made during the last 30 years? the only one I actually know about is the "alien movies" which would make people believe less in other species as they in my opinion "makes fun of the alien subject in those movies"

What do you think?

Big peace and respect
By the way..
I heard them speak about that they must move the ship out of the mountain or "The invasion will start" (on the trailer)

Do they mean that aliens would invade them or what are they talking about?

could be plausable as to the discussions I've read about Illuminati wanting people to fear ufo's before they appear in fron of us all when they can't controll it...
Then they have a reason to shoot them down or to do whatever they want...

They make people think about alien invasions again.. then they stage the alien invasion with blue-beam and shoot down the real ships or something.. just mind-wandering so to speak here ;D feel free to knock me down if you got anything else to add! lol

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