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I thought i would share this with everyone, since i havn't built it yet which i'm still waiting on the materials to come in the mail, but what i'll do is once i build it i'll let you all how it all works. I ordered the last material today so i probably won't be able to have it finished by new years. If you are already psychic this is supposedly enhance your psychic ability 10 fold. So Mary Christmas everyone

You are going to have to find the materials you need, like i did i can tell it cost me a little over $30 for the materials maybe a little more with the shipping costs, But if you can find some of the materials in stores.

here are the instructions on how to build it
The Crystal headband helps the wearer to develop their intuitive faculty and to become telepathic and 'psychic'.

At first the wearer often feels completely disoriented as the headband is capable of picking up thought impressions from everyone around them.

As one becomes more adept in using the crystal headband these impressions may be controlled for specific usage. Distance ceases to become a barrier and impressions and ideas may be 'picked up', not only from people on our planet Earth but also by extra-terrestrial beings.

The Crystal headband is relatively simple to construct with no moving parts. It consists of a copper band with a silver disc and a clear-tipped quartz crystal on top of the silver disc.

The hand tools needed for the creation of your headband are:-

* A pair of pliers

* A pair of tin snips

* A tube of instant-bonding glue

* A small file

* A small drill

The materials you need are:-

* A sheet of thin copper (to be cut and bent to form the band)

* A one ounce silver disc or coin (available from a coin shop)

* A quartz crystal about one and a half inches long and about one inch in diameter

* Two narrow strips of leather, about one foot long and one quarter inch wide

The construction of your Crystal headband begins by cutting the copper sheet to form a band. Leave enough extra copper on the front to bend around and form to the crystal.

Be careful of any sharp edges until you file them smooth as you shape and fit the band. You may want to pinch the base of the quartz crystal with the pliers to break off any rough or pointed edges. Be careful not to crack the crystal itself.

After the quartz crystal is ready, start bending the copper piece on the front of the band to fit and hold the crystal. If the crystal you have has one side that is flatter than the others, place the flat side against the copper. Bend the copper around the crystal for the tightest possible fit.

You may have to take the crystal out and bend the copper with your pliers several times to make a good fit. You will find that it will still be slightly loose.

The next step is to slide the silver disc in behind the crystal. It should fit tightly between the crystal and copper band. If it doesn't, refit the crystal. If the silver disc does fit well with the crystal, place a few drops of the instant-bonding glue around the crystal, the silver disc and the copper band. This should seal the band tightly together for a permanent final fit.

Next, at the rounded ends of the band (they should have been filed smooth earlier), drill a small hole at each end for the leather strips to fit through. Tie knots in one end of each leather strip; a bead or two can be added to make sure that the strips don't pull through the holes in the band. These two thongs are for tying the headband onto the head and adjusting it to fit.

You are now ready to try out your newly constructed Atlantean Crystal Headband.

Find a quiet or peaceful environment and when you are completely relaxed place the headband on your head and adjust the fit as you center the silver disc/crystal upon your forehead, with the single-terminated end of the crystal pointing upwards.

After a few moments a strange feeling of disorientation may creep up on you. Discarnate sounds and impressions may flood into your mind confusingly!!

Later on, after some considerable practice and perseverance, you will be able to identify specific thoughts and ideas coming to you through the ether.

A new - and wondrous - world now awaits you!!

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goog luck on building it man. Give us the verdict once its made:) i tried making something similar but i needed plastic. What you speak of sounds alot like orgone, minus the plastic caseing
Aaron a video would be a good idea if you make one.... a sort of Blue Peter make it for Lightworkers!!! hahaha (sorry only Brits will understand that Joke)

Torz xx
im interested
Yeah a video would indeed be great!
Good luck, hope it works...

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