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My real name is Brian and I hail from Malta. Since my early childhood I always lived with this feeling that there was something very wrong with the society around me. Why is the main argument around me always football? or the main positive label around me was Catholicism. Can a non-catholic be a good person? When I grew older I realized that these things had a definition for them. The norms of life.
When I think of norms I remember a video I saw that was released long ago called “Fiddler on the Roof”. This video showed people that traditions were used by people as a way to scripture or program every move they do. Speaking about programs, the computer had a setting when it used to run in DOS called config.sys.
Long ago people used to have every action programmed by a tradition. In modern day society we have this config.sys

Positive Label=Catholic
Positive Label Performance=Church Going
Friendship Style=Voter
Friendship Requirement=Money

Now if you don’t agree with this config.sys, then you end up being policed, persecuted and laughed upon. You need allot of guts to be a savior of earth. I’m happy I joined this group and I hope you guys have nothing against making friends with me as times are tough and I have to face this on my own. I’m not afraid of it but with a little help things might get better.

Please Skype me on AdiemusBC.
My e-mail address is

Thanks for your attension.

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