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I can still remember when I was Catholic that I attended a homely which was about this mysterious recipe for happiness. I can still remember how much I pleaded this clergyman to give me this recipe as I was not in a good psychological condition do to my stagnated life. Now I’m much better but not because of my life. I’m better because I understood the way this recipe works for me and this I wish to whoever reads my blogs. I can however share my experience with you. In my opinion the recipe of happiness consists mainly of three ingredients and I’ll try and describe them as best I could.

First ingredient: Take all the Mastery in your life.

By taking mastery I mean being responsible for your decisions and there consequences. Let’s say a person tried looking for a soul mate in a particular place and instead he was confronted with whores do literally don’t give a hell out of him but rather of his money. If this person understood the recipe, he would say “this decision was not good, I have to take another”. A person who did not understand the recipe would say “Oh! No…how unlucky I am”. When you understand the recipe you take everything like as if it were under your control in order to push yourself to better decisions.

Second ingredient: You are sent to love and not to be loved.

When a person understands the recipe he understands that relating with his fellow humans requires both sacrifices and disappointments which rarely even result in a “Thank you!” We are sent on a mission, and we have to obey the orders of existence. One must be selfless and conceder only what he is doing or sharing. Even Jesus in the Christian bible makes it clear that “Hear, and understand: Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” Matthew 15:11.

Third ingredient: Happiness is purely mechanical.

I made some research in Parapsychology, which is a science that explains how the mind affects life rather then the contrary. One must live every moment of his life like he has just been born and interact with it with emotional neutrality. What’s so mechanical about happiness? First of all we must understand that the whole world is an illusion and nowadays it’s being proved scientifically. If the world is an illusion then its creatures are an illusion too. If you say to yourself that your emotions are an illusion which is submissive to the thought then you would have understood the third ingredient of the recipe of happiness. Hopefully this realization can avoid the need of drugs completely and push humanity to build his world rather then accepting it being built by others for him.

Brian Ciancio

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