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As quote on the front page says: "There is a thread that binds all of us together, pull on one end of the thread, the strain is felt all down the line..." (Rosamond Marshall, 1943)

And this is true, indeed! In this transitional time, we launched SOL Magazine as your Source of News and Views, your Space of Inspiration, your Guide in Co-creating a GLOBAL SPACE of LOVE !

Our SOL #13 is ready to go now!

It’s beautiful ...and chockfull of good stuff, as always! - review - selected articles

Regina Jensen, our Editor, says in her Editorial:

"This time we took a little more of a chance with reports of the "unseen" sort, just because there are many things going on that are, well, of rather unseen realms. Or are they? I am a very scientifically oriented person, but my life, and that of my family, has been full of what others would call "miracles" Someone once said that what we call a miracle is just something commonplace, but using rules from a different dimension. ARE we moving towards a "higher" dimension? IS something like "Ascension" going on? Judge for yourself! Are you, even though more busy than ever, as Maureen Moss describes so funnily, also more open-hearted and aware of many intangible things??"

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