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Recent Russian Dolmen tour (pilgrimage) report

Hello, my dear co-creators of this beautiful World and saviors of Earth!

Recently we carried out our guided dolmen tour. It was amazing as usual!

What are Dolmens? These ancient stones are said to be Keepers of Feelings and Wisdom of what Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar book series calls "our pristine origins".
We visited these structures, estimated to be 5,000 to 10,000 years old, as well as other sacred places of the Russian Krasnodar, Abinsk and Gelendzhik regions.
We also visited the internationally renowned Shetinin Kin's School, the only school of its kind in Russia and probably the world.
Because of the many amazing spiritual experiences and events, witnessed and recorded, we name our Dolmen Tour a "pilgrimage".

Here is a short photo-report about the tour.

Please check more photos on the tour here -

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