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Trudy's Blog – July 2012 Archive (3)

T ~*L*~ T

Trudy's Truth 

WWll ... did indeed degrade the jew,

but that was mutually arranged and it is proven that with Hitlers decree

the zionists sailed off in ''freedom'' to establish the zionist state despite the ppl of Palestine didn't agree

they expelled with terror the brave ppl of Palestine for now more then 60…


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T ~*L*~ T Intuition & Truth ♥ MARIJUANA ♥

Trudy's Truth ;-)

Now confirmed by  Science, has been my whole life My Truth  ~*L*~

Marijuana and the Human are closely linked, made by Mother Earth ♥

so that we can live without chemical medicines and healed by this seed of Mother Earth ♥

Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk

Learn more: …


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T ~*L*~ T Intuition & Truth

Trudy's Truth ;-)

Intuition is your purest sense, and it is in my realisation that it can not be achieved by unconditionally accepting everything in the form of love .. an example: I know a person, but this person is a liar, but that is okay because it is expected of me that I love this person unconditionally ... and in the meanwhile he goes on and on with the lie!!! 

Why must I accept a lie and lower my vibration.. all for the good case of unconditional love?



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