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~~ Trudy's Truth ~~ The impurity of Socrates/Plato and all other ancient pedophiles!!

There is a disturbing kind of mind control going on, people unaware of the impact of the impurity, using quotes of Socrates and Plato in their stages of enlightenment..

They reassure themselves with the thought that it was not perceived in those ancient days as being a pedophile, but as a healthy sexual choice!
This influence of approval from ancient times, is today still be found in our society, low penalties to unprecedented brutal acts for pedophiles.

The real awaken people know by now that children in this current disturbing but again hopeful time, are at the mercy of a system containing a network among the elite on earth to take children to glorify themselves. They are hunting the purity of a child, for their blood their flesh and their innocence..

- we all know by now the child smuggling line from the Vatican and world monarchy and governments -

Millions of children worldwide are due to this approval of antiquity, being kidnapped, raped, killed and even eaten!!
In my country, the Netherlands there was a debate in the Government about the legalisation of a pedofile network.. well guess.. they achieved an approval !!!!!

So think twice before you use a qoute of impurity ..

Our children worldwide are in desperate need for pure thoughts without any sexual influence, they are the future roots of our existence and they deserve to be treated with the greatest respect and they deserve to explore there own pure development in upgrowing life..

Protect yourself and do not be tempted by beautiful words obtained from a depraved ancient mind for your enlightenment, Thank You All

Namasté SoE

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