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WE 'Revolution4Evolution' Invitation

Aug 12, 2011
Revolution4Evolution is an EPIC and Life Changing 50 day Program of Action with some of the world's most dedicated and thought provoking 'Sacred Activists' who are on the leading edge of consciousness and human evolution.

The one thing that sets us apart from all of the other programs currently out there is the fact that we utilize the Power Leaders in Sacred Activism to really get people thinking.

Then, WE come in between them with real, LIVE interactive healing workshops with teachers from the Institute of Sacred Activism and the Whispering Energy Collaboration.

Many of the programs out there are talking about 'Being the Change'.

Whispering Energy is dedicated to providing not only inspiration for Change, but concrete opportunities and action steps to assist individuals to stand in their truest soul alignment.

We have found that until they can do this, then taking Action is a foreign concept to most.

In keeping with the paradigm of redistribution of wealth, WE will donate 20% of the total revenue generated by the 'Revolution4Evolution' program to Seeds of Light ( ) to build a center for AIDS orphans in rural South Africa.

Every person who commits to uplifting themselves by participating in the WE R4E program will also be assisting 300 children per day to get meals, clothing, care, love and a safe haven at the Center.

Through video and photo updates you will be able to join WE in seeing the results of our LOVE in Action.

Benefits from participating in the webinar series:

~ You will be part of the LARGEST 'Online' Social Media Driven Shift in Consciousness in 2011

~ You will be part of the most leading edge online conference system that currently exist called Sacred Ground where you will be able to look into the Speakers and many others eyes LIVE on video.

~ If you are READY and have taken the Heart Centered Networking Program then just participating in the R4E Series will Boost your LIFE both personally and professionally beyond your wildest Dreams. If you have not yet taken the HCN course it's still not too late to sign up for the current program. Remember, WE can do so much more TOGETHER, than You (I) Alone.

Find out more and Register at

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