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Vossa & Alfred Webre: Preparing for Teleportation and Time Travel - A Dialogue

Sep 11, 2013

Vossa & Webre: Preparing for Teleportation and Time travel -- A Dialogue
VANCOUVER, BC -- In an ExopoliticsTV dialogue from Baja California, Mexico with Alfred Lambremont Webre, new energy inventor and activist Fernando Vossa advocates a novel and challenging perspective for preparing the world for the advent of teleportation as a global transportation technology in the not too distant future through disclosure campaigns like those championed by former U.S. chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago.

It is known through whistleblowers like Andrew D. Basiago and Michael Relfe that teleportation was developed forty years ago by the DARPA as a weaponized technology. Vossa and Webre in dialogue explore the concept that humanity must bring teleportation to the public domain in a technological and cultural context of Love, not war. Humanity can prepare itself for teleportation in the not too distant future by becoming aware of and internalizing its own innate ability to teleport and time travel and by acknowledging the ancient traditions and cultures that focused on teleportation and time travel. An internally informed humanity can serve as a critical mass for the release into the public domain of teleportation and regulated time travel technologies that are not weaponized, but are adapted and transformed for healing the supporting the human body and liberating the human community while used.

In this public dialogue, Vossa and Webre explore the how teleportation and time travel -- now coming out of the realm of science fiction -- can be holistically introduced, implemented, and adapted to our society in a positive way.

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