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"The Sacred Day Ceremony" By AL AE NU RA ~ "The Template"

The Sacred Day Ceremony

Spoken By Alaenura

Written By Juliet Carter
The Template

In the Sacred Day Ceremony you are establishing a stimulus/response pattern based on the alchemical components of the creative force ... the elements.

This establishes the natural world as the infrastructure of your behavioural reference, the natural world being the living body of truth.

This pattern is established through the engagement of the senses: vision, smell (immensely evocative), touch (feel the water...touch it to your third eye... the warmth of the flame, the vibration of the crystal, evoke the feeling of the Sun's warmth on your face) and sonic resonance through the linguistic vibration of the spoken word.

The Sacred Day Ceremony also holds the essential patterning
of the codes that reconnected your circuitry and provides a daily structure through which the physical, emotional and mental bodies can integrate and synthesise the fertile transformational data offered by circuitry reconnection. It also provides, on a domestic daily level, in this time of global darkness, a reminder of your quintessential identity as conscious conduits of light and love.

The Water Ceremony can be silently said as you partake of water either when bathing or drinking etc...
the Air Ceremony to return to conscious breathing,
the Earth Ceremony when you find yourself off centre,
the Fire Ceremony as you light a candle.
The exquisite, powerful Ether Ceremony can be done at sunrise or sunset to align with solar power and the geometric seed code transmitted through the Sun's light. It is also an honouring of this grand star as the giver of life.
The Stellar Radiation Ceremony can be said to release fear,
the Creation Mandala Ceremony to align with light,
the Solar Harmonic for everything!
You will soon know all these by heart, finding your own ways.

By The Template

Written By ~ Juliet Cater

Many Thanks To Juliet for this
Beautiful Ceremony and for allowing us to Share it.

For More Information on the Template and Ceremonies

Contact :
Juliet and Jiva Carter

With Deepest Gratitude

Music and Visual Arrangement

By Alaenura



You are The Portal Through Which Divine Consciousness Flows !

Enjoy This Meditation ~ Prayer Ceremony

It is very Powerful and Extremely Beautiful

Enjoy and Celebrate you Divine Being ~ This Sacred Day Please Share Freely


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