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Alex talks about how american mainstream media, ignore the more then 2 million people that march onto washington D.C. this weedend.Alex also goes over the news of the day, and takes a lot of your phone calls on this Sunday broadcast.

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Comment by Lydia on September 17, 2009 at 3:32pm
I am NOT surprised to hear that one minute US can makes someONE a HERO and in few split seconds
that very same person becomes the LEAST of them......this happens with Celebrities and the Veterans WHO GO TO FIGHT into ANY arificial US war and UpOn their return to the COUNTRY that MADE THEM FEEL LIKE A HERO when they leaving to ENTER the war Zone UPON their returned all Broken and Sick in many ways There is NO~ONE to GREET THEM OR SUPPORT THEM ~ many end UP Homeless on the streets with no money or health support .....There is Something WRONG with this Picture!!!
Comment by LightBetty on September 15, 2009 at 7:08pm
Thanks for the post as I was unaware this was going on. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER LET LIARS GET AWAY WITH IT. Sad for me as I really had hopes Obama could make a difference with WE behind him. Gee it is even more controlled than suspected. Well, back to help raising the consciousness!!! Can not take to much of this negative stuff yet, am grateful to know WE are viligant. Thanks to you tranceman much appreciation!

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