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Organic Teleportation, Telepathy, Law of One and Dec 2012

In order to have Conscious Co-Creation on this planet, telepathy is required. Organic Teleportation is born and available to everyone when telepathy comes online. *Remember that everything is already connected from the quantum level on up!

You will no longer be a single individual operating on an individual life.. I believe we all will merge into one being and begin operating as a singular mind on this planet.

7 Billion souls will become one mind moving into the heart chakra.

*The manifestation rate and speed dreams and desires coming true on this planet for everyone will be inconceivable and hard for most people to even believe as of right now, but when you become 7 billion people, operating from the heart...anything becomes possible :)

One Mind,One Love,
Oneness once Again

EN LAK'ECH = We are ONE !

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