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New Earth Destiny - An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film

May 17, 2013

NEW EARTH DESTINY - An Anastasia Inspired Grassroots Documentary Film by Mikael King & Igor Revenko. Musical soundtrack by Amoraea Dreamseed & +Elijah- Ray.

As Ocean Waters continue to rise, Natural Resources continue to dry up, GMO Seed Issues continue to distract, and the Technocratic Ego-mind based world continues to crumble; millions of awakening humans are now co-creating EMPOWERED SPACES OF LOVE as the sole answer to the world's problems.

Be Inspired by the Ringing Cedar Eco-Village Movement started in Russia and now expanding into all countries throughout the Globe. Follow Film Co-Creators Mikael King & Igor Revenko on a synchronized New Earth Destiny journey into the heart of Russia where they discover Eco-Village Kin Domains, Siberia Ringing Cedar Trees, Ancient Black Sea Dolmen Pyramids, and culminate the incredible journey with a week long immersion into the Awe-inspiring Lyceum Children's School.

This film is their LOVE gift to you and to the next 7 awakened generations that will thrive by your willingness to CHOOSE TO LIVE the New Earth Destiny Today!

Co-Creators Contacts:

New Earth Visionary Mikael King:
mikael@divinejoy org
divinejoy org
breathlightbliss com

Open World Production and Igor Revenko:
irevenko@yahoo com ru

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Comment by Lydia on February 16, 2014 at 11:27am

Merci Cyril ~xox

Comment by Siril0 on February 16, 2014 at 5:11am

de cœur à cœur et en Gratitude

Merci Lydia

From my heart to yours


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