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Indiana Earth Anthem by Idris Busari: The Hoosier Sustainability Song #si2016 Indiana Earth Anthem: The Ultimate Hoosier Sustainability Song 2015


There's no place I'd rather be I N D I A N A
There's no place I'd rather be I N D I A N A
All the beauty to behold
Greatest Stories still untold
People working hard to keep
Indiana growing strong.


Plant a garden, plant a tree I N D I A N A
Keep our land and water clean I N D I A N A
There's a lot that we can do
Help to teach our neighbors too
To make our state/world a better place
I promise to go all the way.


Climate change is upon us, and the world is waking up to the challenges that face us all. More and more people are joining the social movement to move Indiana toward better earth stewardship and public health, and away from fossil fuels and other actions that contribute to dangerous climate disruption worldwide.

Every great social movement has great songs! In the tradition of such songs as "We Shall Overcome," the Indiana Earth Anthem will be a rallying cry.

This is a competition to find THE song that will ignite the next stage of civic engagement with the climate change crisis. Collaborating organizations include Christian Theological Seminary, Earth Charter Indiana, Earth Day Indiana, Hoosier Environmental Council, Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light, Indy Green Congregations, Eastside Creation Care Network and Sierra Club.

The competition’s grand prize, funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Family Fund, will be $1,200, with $800 going to second place and $500 going to third place.

Judges for the contest include Katherine Coplen (NUVO), David Lindquist (IndyStar), Bashiri Asad, and Steven Stolen.

Interested? Here’s how it will work:
Indiana Earth Anthem will take YouTube submissions between November 15 and February 15, 2015.

The song should be:


Indiana-focused though adaptable to other contexts.

Easy to remember and sing so it can be sung a cappella during marches, at protests, on bicycle rides, on the bus and strolling down the avenue.

Lyrics should unite, not divide; inspire, not blame.

In the first quarter of 2015, judges will choose ten finalists, who will perform their entry at a public event in April at CTS in their Shelton Auditorium on Wednesday, April 22 at 7 pm. Audience members, along with judges, will vote on the best song. A house band led by Wyatt Watkins will be provided to songwriters to augment their performance.

Winner and finalists will also take the stage on April 25 at the annual Earth Day Festival at White River State Park.

Entry form and details, including the legal agreement, can be accessed here:

Contact (317) 931-2300 for information.

Continue here for Indiana Earth Anthem contest instructions:

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