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Galactict Federation Of Light Kryon August 2 2009~Love is The ONLY ANSWER :) ...

Greetings Dear Ones for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be here with you all in Salzberg this night, this very night. There is much love in the air and there is much change. Change is coming but all the change that comes is for the better. The change will come with love. Love is the only answer, love is the only way. There are becoming more and more problems on this planet. As the population of the earth plane grows it creates many, many problems and the way that the earth is run at the moment, the way of life, is no longer sustainable. There is a new shift of energy coming.

A shift first of all into Christ consciousness and the next shift is into a consciousness with no name but it will be consciousness where all creation is created through love.

As you go through your healing processes and you become clear you will no longer be creating through negative emotion. There is logic in healing and the more and more you heal yourself the more you will understand. You will understand the logic behind the healing for there is logic in love and logic in healing. The more skilled you become at healing yourself the easier your healing will go. Healing means to make whole; and by definition we are all fragmented. It is a step by step process to heal the fragmented inner child. This healing can only happen through love, through loving yourself, through concentration and understanding, by allowing Spirit to flow through your body. Spirit will regenerate your body. Allow yourselves and your DNA to flow. Love is the only way.
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