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Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa January 18 2010

January 18, 2010 ... You are beautiful people beginning to realize your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality. For too long you ha... ...

You are beautiful people beginning to realize your true potential, and as you accept your power you are helping to create a new reality. For too long you have been kept in the dark, but now you are rapidly growing in awareness. You are at last beginning to accept that the future lies in your own hands. All along it has been so, and you created your experiences in lower vibrations. Now you are intentionally directing your thoughts in such a way, that you are creating the conditions for your experience in the higher dimensions. It is sufficient that you concentrate your thoughts on all that is the creation of love.

Suddenly, and all in the space of a few years, you have increased the Light quotient upon Earth so that the outcome is assured. The pathway to Ascension is lit all the way to completion, and no attempts by the dark to prevent it will be successful. Therefore you can move through these last years, without feeling that your future is threatened. The dark Ones may cause minor problems, but they do not have much longer to remain in their positions of power. Their cycle of experience will also end, although like every other soul they will continue their evolution at levels consistent with their vibration.

When the changes are completed you will take nothing with you except your valuable experience. Because of your creative powers that are to increase tenfold, all of your needs will be satisfied. The high vibration of the 4/5th Dimension will enable you to manifest what you want instantly, and it will be a perfect expression of what you have visualized. Happiness and joy will accompany you wherever you go, and the harmony of all life forms will add to your enjoyment. The Oneness will be a sweetness that accompanies the Unconditional Love that all feel.

We want you to break your ties with the old where it no longer serves you, and it will allow you to walk free from its affect. With the Light as your protection the lower energies can no longer harm you, or deflect you from your path. Staying within your light is a discipline that you will come to learn, that will also keep you safe from psychic attacks. Be alert and you will not drop your guard in response to such attacks, and know that these can come from discarnate Beings. Your light attracts quite a lot of interest, and not always by the more evolved souls.

Dear Ones, for so long you have gradually been given more and more information to prepare you for the end times. There is little more to pass on to you, at least not until the conditions on Earth allow for the return of highly evolved beings such as the Masters. Then you shall be lifted up by having the truth revealed to you, so that you go through the end times fully aware and with a heightened consciousness. You are to become Masters in your own rights, and it will return to levels that you passed through to participate in duality. Each of you has such a capability, and will at some time in the future return to it. In your present lower vibrations it is hard to contemplate what it will be like, but we assure you it will seem quite natural to you.

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