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Dolores Cannon on Veritas Radio - 1/5 - The Return of Lost Knowledge & The New Earth

Jan 27, 2012

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Dolores Cannon stumbled into the proverbial rabbit hole back in the 60s when she and her husband, a career Navy man stationed in Arkansas at the time, began experimenting with hypnosis to help their base-mates feel better. Trouble was, their subjects kept slipping into past lives.

Forty-some years later, this straight-talking, congenial grandmother has penned 17 books on esoteric subjects, is in high demand on the lecture circuit, and crisscrosses the globe teaching her unique hypnotherapy methods to hundreds. Recently back from Russia and headed for China in March, Cannon is warmly welcomed, and often revered, among the metaphysical cognoscenti.

Although Cannon eschews "past life junkies," she recounts a past life story about when she was a caretaker of books at Egypt's library in Alexandria. The man that she was, died, trying to escape with an arm full of scrolls as the place was being torched. Knowing this helped her understand the focus of this life, she says: lost sacred knowledge and books, books, books.

Here's some of what Cannon professes in this Veritas interview:

Nostradamus wants people to know (his people contacted her people) that his prophesies were all worst case scenarios. Human thought can (and Cannon believes already has done) change outcomes.

ETs are all nice. Any interaction (and they do have a hybrid program going on) is by pre-life agreement. Because her hypnotism methods tap deeply, past fear and emotion, previously negative experiences are reported more "truthfully."

Some of the helpers coming in now remain childless by choice. Having children traps people in karma, and thereby tethered to physicality.

The Earth is alive and in the process of evolving into a light body. Earth will he first planet in the universe to transcend physicality.

ETs created us. They know us better than we know ourselves.

Past lives can leave physical/emotional residue, but such carry-over is not supposed to happen, and can be remedied by bringing this information into consciousness via regression therapy.

There are all kinds of universes, with all kinds of beings. And each universe has its own God.

"There is nothing to be afraid of going into 2012."

You'll love Cannon's description of heaven, her description of the New World, and the two things you'll need to do to get there.

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Comment by Lydia on January 27, 2012 at 7:50pm

[Ending] Dolores Cannon on Veritas Radio - The Return of Lost Knowledge & The New Earth

Comment by Lydia on January 27, 2012 at 6:50pm

part 3

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