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David R. Hawkins ~ Personal Interview On The World and Spirituality.

Thought is powerful because it has a high rate of vibration. A thought is actually a thing; it has an energy pattern. The more energy we give it, the more power it has to manifest itself physically. This is the paradox of much so-called health education. The paradoxical effect is that fearful thoughts are reinforced and given so much power that epidemics are actually created by the media (e.g., the swine flu). The fear-based "warnings" about health dangers actually set-up the mental environment in which the very thing that is feared will occur. Superimposed around the physical body is an energy body whose form is very much like that of the physical body and whose patterns actually control the physical body. This control is at the level of thought or intention. Advanced sub-atomic quantum physics has shown, similarly, that observation influences sub-atomic high-energy particles. The power of mind over body has been demonstrated by clinical research. For instance, in one study, a group of women were told that they would be given a hormone injection to bring on their menstrual periods two weeks early. Actually, they were merely given a placebo injection of saline. Nonetheless, over 70% of the women developed early pre-menstrual tension with all of the physical and psychological symptoms. Another clear demonstration of this law of consciousness is observed in persons with multiple personality disorder. Once thought to be rare, it is now found that multiple personality disorder is relatively common; and so, research into the phenomenon has become increasingly prominent. It has been shown that the different personalities in the one body have different physical accompaniments. There are, for instance, changes in the electroencephalographic brain waves, as well as changes in their handedness in handwriting, pain thresholds, electrical skin response, I.Q., menstrual periods, cerebral hemisphere dominance, language ability, accent, and vision. Thus, when the personality that believes in allergies is present, the person is allergic; but when another personality is present in the body, the allergies disappear. One personality may require glasses and another may not. These different personalities actually have notable differences in intraocular pressure and other physiological measurements.

David R. Hawkins

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Comment by Lydia on August 31, 2013 at 9:45am

I LOVE Dr. David Hawkins and here is his chart you will enjoy Jesmae ~ :-)))

Comment by Jesmae Tunnell on August 31, 2013 at 5:58am

Thought provoking, I enjoyed this very much.

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