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This music may sound strange but it is by far the most essental tool for elevation of your health, cosmic awareness and Ascension that I could ever recommend! -It has evolved over a period of over 10 years into a tight refined melody.

If DNA activation for our full 24 strands exists then I believe this Ascension Series music & art is positive proof -my life greatly changed 14 years ago and I suddenly branched out, cosmic consciousness became apparent.

I feel that by my intention to better myself through music I discovered a way through music composition that this music is in essence a natural biofeedback system.

The melody slowly changes, are you able to confront all the emotions & thoughts preventing you from Ascending? They will replay in your mind until you can resolve them internally or externally if that is the only way. This music is a challange and if Ascension is what you truely seek then you must be prepared to go all the way.

The following tune is my musical masterpiece of 12 years entitled "The key". It is 57 minutes long and has been created by pure guitar (3 playing at once) with delay/echo that helped create the timing and a meditative effect.

If you have difficulty relating to the tones because through your life you might have only been exposed to reduced sound quality/frequencies in western music by sound engineers of popular music.

This release of the music is free to listen to but if you want the full quality & non breaking version I will provide a link later if you would like to buy it. Youtube only allows 10 minutes of video so this 57 minute long tune has been broken into 6 parts for youtube.

The music will expand your conscousness and my video on will provide the insight for this conclusion (the video is almost finished). If your seeking transfiguration this is for you although you must commit the time & focus for it.

Enlightenment is only knowing and is not the final goal for Ascension.

Because there is little time left due to 2012 I can't spend a whole lot of time giving the video the quality it deservse.

I have also compared the tones in this music and they do match with the solfeggio scale -compare it yourself and listen closely ;)
The foods stated in the video is mentioned to keep you at your best mentally optimal state to learn faster, better internal & external communication and remove blockages within you. Onions because of its silica content seem to be the most essential.

I believe I have come to aquire this sacred knowledge not because the Earth is going through a shift or change of frequency but this is a time when billions of people are here contributing ideas, creating the audio recording technology and because there are many people that also have and sometime create more problems & suffering and thats when people like myself go on a personal inner quest deep inside to find answers.
Since this tune is more in line with Ascension engineering & Chakra Cleansing, I have another melody that I will upload later entitled "Spirit Flight". The Spirit Flight melody I believe strongly is Ascension Activation where all your key meridians/Chakras turn on and you will hear what I call "Ascension Pulse". This pulse signals a pulsation within the body (from my experience) starting below your lungs expanding up into your throat area. The pulse & warmth will eventually expand your entire being.

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