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73. Spiritual Thinking & Tapping — Faster EFT
Once you understand that everything is spiritual and everything is emotional as well as physical then you can truly create life changes. If all problems are based on what you do inside your mind then you you can begin to understand it is a skill to feel bad or good. If you understand the process of change you will make changes faster. How to keep from feeling bad when you recall good memories.

Robert is a fast-paced, mind-expanding, motivational person. He will show you how you can set and achieve goals that will enable you to live your dreams with personal and financial freedom. Learn the subconscious mind solutions for success.

Robert teaches skills that facilitate faster:
• Goal setting • How to live your dreams • Total financial freedom • Personal freedom • Self-esteem • Subconscious mind solutions for success • Prosperity laws of the universe • Self-help motivation • Personal growth & development • Positive thinking • Life success coaching • Stress management • Hypnotherapy • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) • Debt-free no limit lifestyle millionaire

Robert offers training, courses, seminars & events for:
• Weight loss • Stress Reduction • Pain Management
• Sales • Business Management Skills • Marketing
• Telesales • In-company training & courses

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