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I Am Love,
I AM Power,
I AM Wisdom,
I AM the Light of Mother/Father God,
I AM All that I AM

.I now find my Self within this holographic crystal skull,
experiencing the memories of the Highest Potential of all Life,
and all Light Beings involved in the forward evolution of this Earth plane.

And now, as I experience the amplification of the 10:10 Stargate Portal of Transformation,
I am given the gift of viewing my Self as this Master Being of Light,
through the initiations of Light that I have experienced,
in parallel realities and timelines.

I recognize my Self as this Keeper of Light,
as I take on this mantle of leadership,
through the energy of my Divine Selves, and my I Am Presence.

I remove all veils of Illusion,
as I truly step into my personal power,
through my I Am Presence, Soul and Star families of the Light;
as I experience the wisdom of the Higher Mind of Mother/Father God,
I now take this pearlescent three-fold flame deep into my heart,
and now into each chakra in my body,
and with it, activate all remaining key codes to experience my Highest Potential,
as my Higher Light, as my I AM Presence.

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