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"...your seriously panicked secret governments are using their antigravity fleet in a desperate bid to avail themselves of a hi-tech escape plan."

Update 9 March '10 -

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. At present, the Earth allies have instituted a worldwide Intelligence blackout to demonstrate to everyone that they are applying the necessary security measures in anticipation of the first domino of the changes. The "roadblocks" are now self-imposed as our Earth allies slow down their operations in order to make sure that all potential opponents are removed from any position where they could cause delays to the immense global changes. So far, the remnants of the dark cabal have shown no proclivity to further hinder our Earth allies' good works. The final agreements are in place, as are the funds to carry out the numerous governmental and financial changes. All is in readiness for the grand plan to be implemented. Meanwhile, our inner ring of ships around Mother Earth is prepared to carry out its many pre-landing assignments. Our Earth allies are fully aware that Heaven has given us all the "green light" to act when the time is ripe, and to this end, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and stand ready to act!

For her part, Mother Earth is accelerating the preparatory stage of a series of massive, global earth changes. Your planet and her Spiritual Hierarchy tell us that time is running out, and it is therefore essential that some sort of pre-evacuation warnings be issued. Pursuant to this, the waiting interim governments comprehend the need to reprioritize their schedule of changes, and we are working with them on plans that meet the Earth Hierarchy's criteria. The most pressing issue is to ascertain how best to prepare each of you for the much reduced time span before departure from the planet surface becomes necessary. A general intensification of planetary activity is also being noticed by your astronomers, who see an upsurge of unaccountable activity happening throughout your solar system. The heightened activity is affecting the space stations and shuttles in near-earth orbit and has lead to the cancellation of most rocket-propelled, manned space missions. In fact, your seriously panicked secret governments are using their antigravity fleet in a desperate bid to avail themselves of a hi-tech escape plan.

The dark cabalists' attempts to defy Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy are typical of them, but fear is now compelling them to physically challenge our clearly stated prohibitions: we have informed them in no uncertain terms that their operations are limited to the planet and its atmosphere; likewise, the Agarthans have banned the cabal's craft from Inner Earth. This puts the cabal in a predicament that has only one solution: to surrender, and to do so ASAP! Your lovely planet is turning to the Light and it is time for you to be informed of what lies ahead. Your dark elites' sources of information have made them vividly aware that their physical survival is now at stake. It is essential for them to surrender and permit our Earth allies to get on with the announcements detailing what is to happen and why. Mother Earth is in the final stages before serious earth changes begin. Further, Heaven requires you to be informed that you are not alone in the galaxy and that your space and spiritual families are here to bring you, with Love and grace, back into full consciousness.

This process of divine change has been tampered with by the dark and its endless infernal schemes. Our task has been to counter these infamous activities and to keep your changes to Heaven's timetable. Our multiple star-nation command board meets daily to put together programs ensuring that Heaven's decrees are carried out. No single star-nation has the power to thwart these divine operations. We are acting as one to guarantee that Heaven's commands are accomplished by means of this first contact mission. To this end, we have set up a series of guidelines that our diplomatic missions are extending to the Earth allies and various governments on your world. We have made it very clear that this is the time for action. Your long-suffering planet makes it evident, too, that the string of delays that has punctuated the recent past must end. We are advised to plan for all possible contingencies and to be ready to carry them out at a moment's notice.

Our fleets are at the ready, and we have compiled a series of back-up announcements to cover any eventualities we may face. These range from simple, forthright announcements informing you of our existence and the need to start mass landings, to emergency broadcasts warning you of imminent earth changes that require us to evacuate you from your surface homes. In the case of the former, we can then also address the secret technologies and set the timing for our arrival on your shores. In any event, we greatly prefer that these broadcasts be delivered by the interim governments. Mother Earth desires, above all, to see far more progress than is happening at present. Those actions that set the stage for an interim world need to happen. We cannot overstate the importance of this. Our purpose here is to shepherd what is now underway to a smooth and rapid success.

Our deep involvement in your affairs has afforded us many new and interesting insights into the dark's operation on your world. We were told about its modus operandi long ago and have spent the past two decades seeing it all in action. The extent to which the dark has been able to change you from a strong, integrated Being into a weak and compliant one that is so divided against itself that you actually "die" after a few decades is quite astonishing. Happily, Heaven is reintegrating and restoring you to your former power and abilities so that you can contribute significantly to the unfolding of the divine plan in physicality. We gleefully look forward to this wondrous transformation and intend to welcome you back with great fanfare. Your hard-won wisdom has the power to accelerate certain consciousness-oriented developments now brewing throughout this galaxy.

This galaxy is undergoing a vast transformation toward the Light. Everywhere, formerly dark star-nations and immense empires are becoming less dictatorial and more inclined toward personal sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone is highly motivated to develop a Lightbody and to transcend the limitations of 3-D physicality. This longing has enticed many to focus on what you are going through, and so it is in everyone's best interests for us to advise and mentor you back into full consciousness. Besides, you are part of our space family. Humans were given the gift of a Lightbody and Heaven has protected it from destruction. The following chapter of our joint history is predicated on your return to the Light, so you can see that this sacred transformation of yours is most important to us.

The pressure-cooker that is first contact is boiling over! It is imperative that the agenda drawn up between our Earth allies and us now be completed. First, we need to get the waiting caretaker governments into power, together with the prosperity fund deliveries which will kick-start the gold-backed financial system. Then we are to co-sponsor the unveiling of a series of remarkable new technologies, adding ours to the pot. Third, we need, together, to address Mother Earth and quickly remedy her current condition. You need to adopt a whole new set of perceptions and come to honor her role in your evolution. She is a living Being and you are her invited guests. You need to become independent, and fully responsible guardians of her diverse ecosystems.

Today, we addressed various developments happening on your world and explained how these relate to the first contact mission. Mother Earth is subtly pursuing a course that is intended to force the hand of the dark and demonstrate how vital it is for our Earth allies to swiftly complete their complex agenda. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Comment by CHRISTINA on March 14, 2010 at 10:40am
I meant to get back to you earlier, but as I don't live alone and have to share the computer. It would be nice to have my laptop back....:-)

@ Marc
It's good to have a bit of scepticism :-)

@ Patricia
Thank you for sharing your experiences.

There are Reptilians who've turned to the Light and there are those who are more limited in consciousness, so to speak. As for Interior Earth, there are dwellers who are of less refined vibrations and who are more attuned to the frequencies of Light. It's the Agarthans, the people of the city of Telos and other cities of Light and the Ascended Masters and christed ETs, which dimension I associate with Inner Earth.
I for one, am not concerned because of my positive experiences.

So too are my feelings about Sheldan's Sirians. So far, their messages through Sheldan have never felt intimidating, threatening or commanding; on the contrary, they've been consistent, encouraging, uplifting, informative, empowering and most important of all, they always remind us of who we truly are, our Godself, our Divinity. We are returning to full consciousness, indeed. In other words, we are being reconnected with our Higher Self/becoming Galactic Beings.
Those Sirians are beings of christed consciousness and are highly evolved, not only in a technological sense, but also spiritually, which certainly makes a difference. They've come to assist Mother Earth with her transition to the next level of evolution, and her children who wish to ascend. With regard to the awaiting caretakers, possibly they are starseeds/lightworkers who might return to their homeplanet once they have accomplished their mission and fulfilled their soul contract.
This is how I view the dynamics :-)

Here is a vid with insights that may be of interest: especially parts 4, 5 and 6 of an interview from 2008-4-11 with Sheldan on Sedona Talk Radio (though it's worth listening to the entire interview).

Love, Light and Peace to All :-)

Comment by Marc on March 10, 2010 at 5:30pm
I too pondered in regards to the mentioning of the monetary system.. Whether gold-backed or not! Thinking about other channelings AND the works of Jacque Fresco who talk about a ressource based economy. What is money worth actually? Again it brings me to think about competition vs. working together as one to create.. There's actual proof (various tests done on the incentive of money or teamwork on for example showing people work ALOT better without the competing for money aspect - very interesting by the way). Hmm.. This post do sound great and all but I must admit I am a bit skeptical! Anyway: love and light to you all
Comment by CHRISTINA on March 10, 2010 at 11:31am
@ Besimi:
I agree with you Besimi. To me it goes without saying that we use our discernment at all times. Thanks for spreading your Light and Love :-)

@ Nonya:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nonya. I understand your frustration, but Sheldan does not channel.....he has a direct face-to-face communication with the Sirians...

Anyway, as a living being, Mother Earth has been accelerating the changes required to return to her full consciousness, according to the Sirians.

My two pence: it sounds common sense to me that we cannot remain on the surface, when tectonic plates are shifting and the Sun is going hyperactive. Since September last year there have been major earthquakes in respectively Indonesia, Samoa, Haiti, Chile, Taiwan and most recently Turkey. Besides, given a pole shift being mentioned in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s latest interview (birth of a new humanity) and considering the Inuit people’s observation that our Sun is already in a slightly different place……,it is highly probable in these cases that the mentioned plan for relocation is going to be carried out (plan A). I imagine, after our retreat we will return to a new Earth where money is obsolete….and there won't be the IRS either :-)

Should the shift evolve less dramatically, we would have to deal with our economic dilemmas. That is when the back-up financial fund comes in (plan B), I guess.

I would suggest to those with many more questions that you register for Sheldan’s coming webinar (21st and 25th March) and Drunvalo’s broadcast (22 April).

Meanwhile, I go about my day as usual and do the things I feel I should be doing. You all may want to do the same. Don’t worry, Be Happy!

Comment by Besimi on March 10, 2010 at 12:42am
Sounds to be Great post indeed, ...Yet we need to use our discernment carefully.... .
But something Big ,feels like it's going to happen anyway.( Earth changes are abvious now).
:):):) I hate to go deeper on this,cause it can spark concerns, ..but ... Just imagine the Great outcome ,after All this.
..............:):):) I love You guys so much,really. Keep Your Light On,for some little more time.Namaste.
Comment by nonya on March 9, 2010 at 11:16pm
So, let me get this we are to be evacuated from this earth en masse, but they are creating a back up financial fund???? So we are going to need funds being suspended in space by motherships indefinitely while the earth shakes off our poisons? Where is the frikkin time line for all of this?!?! We are to be evacuated by 2012 and we have to be locked into some monetary system and then what....returned to earth and continue paying the IRS? These messages that differ from channeler to channeler are becoming very frustrating >:-(

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