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Pelosi Plans Trick Vote To Take Over Healthcare THIS SUNDAY -

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Date: Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 09:40:35

Pelosi Plans Trick Vote To Take Over Healthcare THIS SUNDAY -- Click Below to Tell Congress to VOTE NO on Obamacare His Socialized Healthcare Bill:

ALERT: We now have less than 48 HOURS to STOP Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from using a PARLIAMENTARY TRICK to pass socialized healthcare in America!!!

Here's how they plan to do it: through something called "reconciliation," and using a new "rule" they made up called "deemed passed."

The Democrats on the House don't like the bill that the Senate Democrats passed. But before Congress can pass a "reconciliation" bill making the Senate's bill acceptable to the House Democrats, the House must first pass the Senate bill and the President must sign it into law. The problem is, House Democrats know how UNPOPULAR the Senate bill is, so they do NOT want an up-or-down vote on it.

So, instead of exposing themselves as socialists by having their vote registered, the House will tie the Senate bill and the "reconciliation" bill together in a Rules Committee resolution, which says that if the reconciliation bill passes, then the original Senate bill will be "deemed" to have been passed... with NO VOTE NECESSARY!

Did you get that? Congress is STILL planning on shoving ObamaCare down America's throat THIS SUNDAY -- and they're going to use every parliamentary trick in the book to get it passed, even WITHOUT a supermajority... unless WE make sure that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi FAIL in their trickery!

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on March 21, 2010 at 9:41am
This guy we call a presiodent is showing everybody on this issue that he is merely a liar and a con man who has no intetions of doing a single thing that benefits the people and preserves our liberties these bills hes implemented all have taken your liberty away .I hope that the people are fed up with all these negative entities telling us hes working for the light show me one thing that I can put down as protecting my freedom .He has directly went out of the boundaries of the constitution why .He is protecting the bankers that are the real terrorist dont by in to these tricksters game of lie after lie they dont deserve any support from being a liar.
Comment by CHRISTINA on March 21, 2010 at 3:30am

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