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You were Never Broken
By Nicky Hamid

Why do you think you have experienced your “trials and traumas”?

You have been transforming the human “suffering” and victimhood, into Love and Compassion for it all.

It was not yours in the first place but you agreed to do it.

You agreed to bring your own version of a piece of this “matrix”. To experience it as yours and then step out of it, by Remembering who you are and bringing your Love to bear on Yourself and all that had passed “through” you.

And in this “clearing” of yourself you have cleared a piece for the whole planet and all time. In the realization that none of it was yours, you now know that you do not need fixing and never have.

You were on a trajectory that brings you to this point that has enabled you to complete this part of your Lifestream....+@

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