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You Are Worthy of Everything
Wisdom of the Council
All that stands between you and everything that you desire more of in your magical and amazing life experience comes down to your belief in your own worthiness.

You are infinite worth embodied and incarnated in physical form. You are that which creates worlds. You are the source of everything. You are the eternal light. You are limitless potential. You are unwavering love. That is what you are. How could it be any other way than you are here to embody all that you are, knowing that you are worthy of every experience you choose to have, of every inspiration that you feel called or inspired to create?

You are worthy of every adventure, of every experience, of every desire that aligns to the truth and the expression of all that you are. You are here for expansion. You are here to expand consciousness. You are here to expand to the potentials and the possibilities. You are here to expand on the human experience and to seed humanity with new potentials through your experiences and your adventures and through that which you create.+++

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