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On The Triad Portal Opening November 11, 2011
We have an opportunity to gather millions of people
for meditation to focus on World Peace.
At the time of this writing there are wars in
India, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq,
Pakistan, Yemen, Mexico, Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire, Libya and conflicts in North Korea,
South Korea, Burma, Israel, Various Arab States
(including United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Palestinian Authority, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq,
Egypt, Djibouti, Comoros, Mauritania, Bahrain, and Algeria) Spain, France,
Columbia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Turkey, Iraq, Uganda, DR Congo,
African Republic, Senegal, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Iran,
Thailand, Chad, Cambodia and Russia.
Coming together as One Tribe, One Love and One Land is the answer.
How can we do this?
We bring millions of people from different cultures, religions,
governments and species together.
Recognizing that these conflicts are happening in humanity and have been happening
for millions of years, we realize unless there is a major change in human nature
we are going to destroy ourselves.
We can stop this. We can raise our consciousness,
we can work together to make worldwide peace
on this Planet where everybody has all they need.
To begin, we must make a pledge to honor one another in love,
honor our culture and our religion, without question, no exception.
Complete, unconditional love.
We will have to be happy living in a plurality of faiths. 
We will see that we are all Sparks of Divine Grace.
As we acquire greater knowledge, we have a responsibility in the major religions
to apply compassion and love to create peace.
We do this by recognizing we are all the same.
We can see the beauty of truth in all major religions.
Our Guardian Angels are standing by to help us accomplish this most important Mission.
With Peace, everything else follows, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry,
clothing the naked and comforting the prisoner.
That is what The Antares Arcturus Midway Foundation Stands For:
One Tribe, One Love, One Land~ Planet Earth. PEACE!
The Divine Blueprint for our bodies and Planet Earth are
bioelectromagnetic crystalline formats based in a spiral server.
The lattice work of the Cosmic Grid which holds everything together
receives energetic pulses from the great central sun, the radiance for everything
in the Milky Way Galaxy from Galactic Center out to Earth and beyond.
The conduit of Energy coming to Earth, the Cosmic Pulse,
will be at a peak on November 11, 2011.
On this day the Crystalline Vortex on Earth will be super charged.
Humanity has evolved to the time when they need the Crystalline Firmament.
When we have this we can link the Zero Point Modulators through the portal,
pyramid and ziggurat electromagnetic grid.
This will have many effects. One of which will be World Peace.
It not only effects Earth, also our bodies. Our nutritional needs will be different,
how we metabolize the Sun’s energy will also change.
We come into our crystalline bodies, our 5th Dimensional bodies.
This crystalline firmament is a force field of pure love.
It will emerge as two great elliptical bands of energy
that intersect at 90-degree angles around the planet.
We call in the crystalline firmament of Earth as we join in meditation on 11.11.11.
On 11 November, 2011 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate
with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex.
We do this to anchor in all we need for Full Galactic Disclosure.
Abundance returns to Earth, we have a Peace and all of our financial,
human rights and energy conditions improve in ways we cannot imagine.

I am calling all of us into Spiritual Service together.
I ask we join for One Hour at 11:11am GMT on 11.11.11.
I ask at that time that you still your mind and link your hearts
with millions of people all over Earth.
Ask our beloved Divine Hierarchy to assist us in fulfilling the 11.11.11.
Portal Opening for World Peace.

We will need to link with all of your Meditation Groups, all over the world,
to become millions standing together. ~PEACE!

Beth Trutwin All Rights Reserve

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Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:24pm
the emotional body-the 4th dimension,
the mental body-the 5th dimension and the spiritual body-the 6th dimension and beyond.
The mental body is connected to the physical body and the emotional body to the spiritual body.
In making the shift from 3D to 5D and beyond we must go through 4D and the only way in doing so
is through the emotional body and the highest emotional expression being--love.
In other words we cannot intellectualize ourselves into enlightenment and ascension,
we must--feel our way.
The path of ascension is accepting everything just as it is and using spiritual discernment
in making choices that raise the vibrational frequency of our atomic cell structure.
We all have a responsibility in raising our personal vibration in every moment.
The ascension path is both personal and collective ascension,
it is about making choices that benefit us all.
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:21pm
Ascension To The Fifth Dimension
 One of the most important keys on the spiritual path is service.  

Just being kind to one another is an act of service. ~Emanuehl
We are become-in 5th dimensional beings less concerned with physical survival
and more with raising our vibratory forms to that of light body.
We are ascending from one dimension of reality to another.
Ascension is all encompasing, all thoughts, feelings and actions are shifted or fine tuned
to 5th dimensional consciousness.
Living in the heart is the beginning and prerequisite to 5th dimensional living,
accepting everyone just as they are, loving them unconditionaly
and remaining centred in our own love breath 24/7.
Focus Is The Key To Living In 5D.
Bringing yourself back to your heart centre whenever you catch yourself judging self and others--
is the key to becoming a 5D human.
Each time we do this along with changing our negative thoughts, feelings and actions to positive ones,
we re-programme our subconscious mind to living in the heart or 5D.
One of the biggest challenges to being in our heart centre is when loved ones
are experiencing some sort of crisis in their lives.
The best thing to do in these situations is to just listen.
All that they may be needing is your loving attention.
They may not necessarily be needing your advice at this time but only to be listened to
and nurtured in the feeling that they`ve been understood.
Living as a 5D human dosen`t necessarily mean the world has automatically changed around us.
It means--we are part of the world but not of it.
The world can still appear the same as it ever was yet we feel different toward it.
We see the world as being perfect as it is without wanting to change it,
for only in the allowing of it does it start changing to it`s perfectedness as love expressed.
The physical body represents the 3rd dimension,
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:19pm
We tell you that on the 11-11-11 another validation will occur.
The Triple-Date Portal of November 2011 will be perhaps the most potent singular day of the year.

Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the Cosmic Energy
that is amassed in the final stages of activating the 144-Crystal Grid.
On the 11-11-11 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate
with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication
in the Crystal Vortex.

This awakening will sequentially recode the 12 Golden Sun Disc around the planet.
These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals.
They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love,
a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.
On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal Vortex will be activated beneath
the area of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas,
and this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex
and then network the new DNA codes across the planet.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA,
the blue print for the unified crystalline field in the Crystalline Transition
of the planet.

Indeed these are being reprogrammed by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:17pm


On the solstice of 21 December 2012
(Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere
and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere),
our entire solar system will be in the Photon Band of Light,
receiving direct energetic transmissions from Alcyone
and from our Galactic Core of the Milky Way – The Waves of Love.

In addition, we are also coming to the end of the Grand Cycle of time,
the end of another 225 million year cycle, 26,000 year cycle and 365 day cycle.
Thus on this December solstice there is a grand alignment in our stellar skies
of the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, with Alcyone, with our Sun and with Earth –
marking the end of some significant cycles of time (or frequency’s of consciousness).

The Greater Central Sun (Galactic Core) is directly pulsing electo-magnetic Wave
of Love vibrations though our Central Sun (Alycone), through our Sun and into Earth…..
bringing through very high pulsations or frequencies of light energy to Earth.

What this electo-magnetic energy is facilitating is a shift in consciousness,
a divine shift of the level of awareness of humanity from an egoic 3D state of fear,
to a consciousness level of Wisdom… an 5D state of being.

‘The Wave of Love’ as we move toward and beyond 2012

Simone Matthews
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:16pm

What is the Photon Belt?

The Photon Belt is a band of intense photon light.
A photon is a quantum of light, or the smallest possible packet of light at a given wavelength.
It is emitted by an atom during a transition from one energy state to another.
The Photon Belt transverses through the middle of the Constellation of Pleiades,
hence through the Central Sun Alcyone.
Note: it actually transverses through the entire cosmos, but lets not confuse matters here.

During our 26,000 year cycle around Alcyone, we pass through the Photon Belt twice,
each time taking 2,000 years to travel through the belt.
As we move into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, we are within the Photon Belt.
We are at peace. There is only light and love, no wars or separation.
We are fully within the Photon Belt within 2012.

What makes this current move into the Photon Belt so unique,
is that for the first time on Earth we are bringing forth 5th dimensional energies
and containing them within our physical bodies.
The ancient civilisations were well aware of our 26,000 year cycle.
The Mayan calendar for-instance actually ends in 2012.
Many have prophesised the end of the calendar to represent great cataclysm on Earth,
and the end of the world.
When in actual fact it represents a change in our consciousness,
a new frequency for planet Earth moving beyond the parameters of time, space and duality.

The 25 year span leading up to 2012, is referred to as the transition period,
and it is during this period that we may experience physical discomforts as we prepare
for our entrance into a new consciousness.
Everything seems intensified during this period, emotions run high,
many people experience periods of darkness, relationships are challenged
and our physical functioning is being altered as we prepare and adjust to the new energies.

So how can you prepare for 2012 and the entrance into a 5th Dimensional existence?
My advice is to slow down and begin to ‘feel’ again as spirit will provide us all with the answers.
All too often we get caught up in such a physical existence of ‘hurriedness’ and ‘no-time’
that we have forgotten how to trust and allow.
If we refuse to listen to spirit it is a kin to swimming up stream -
life just gets harder and harder.
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:14pm
On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal Vortex will be activated beneath the area
of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas, and this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex
and then network the new DNA codes across the planet.
The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the unified crystalline field in the Crystalline
Transition of the planet. Indeed these are being reprogrammed by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!
The Golden Sun Disc discs will emit a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve,
as the prototype of the DNA for the crystalline aspect through the 144-Grid.
Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself,
becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth.
They are energetic spirals.
They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.
Now as your Ascension completes itself, you will have greater access
to the multi dimensional aspects of yourselves. In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has,
for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality.
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:02pm
For within these time-sequences, the 11-11-11 and 12-12-12,
the 144-Crystalline Grid completes into full conscious projection,
and that projection is indeed a tool of and for your own expansion.
Such it is with the crystalline grid, you see;
it too is a system that will allow your nurturing into a higher resonance,
a higher more fulfilling expression.
For that you call the Ascension is upon you, and in but a wink of the cosmic eye
it will be done!
In our  realm it has been done already you see,
and indeed it is a wondrous event, one heralded throughout the Universe
and observed by many on this realm and others.
What then remains for the Ascension program in 2011 and 2012
are specific astrological gravitation refinements and frequential boosts needed
to complete & polish the Crystalline Grid and refine the Crystalline Transformation
of the Earth as it reinforces the spanning of humanity
into great and greater dimensionality consciousness,
and that is indeed Crystalline Consciousness. 
Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:01pm
What will occur on the 11-11-11is the recoding of the crystalline aspect termed
the Starseed Divine Feminine.
The Emerald Crystal of Healing provided the initial reprogramming that is
being brought in by the Emerald- Ray .
The Platinum-Ray, also a Feminine energy aspect, provides the completion of
the Feminine Crystalline into the DNA of the planet,
and as such into those of humanity open to receive the sacred and requisite transformation.
Their effects will be a lessening of the arc swing of polarity between that termed
the masculine and feminine aspect.
But also through the Platinum, there will be greater ease to enter into higher dimensional realms.
Accordingly will polarity-balance be more easily achieved and obtained in
human expression of the Divine Equity on the planet of duality.
Indeed will it bridge the gap in the right and left hemispheres of the brain,
and of the conscious-ego mind to the supra subconscious of Divine Mind. 
Understanding of soul path, of priorities in life and indeed the process of
decision making will be greatly clarified.
Requisite aspects of nurturing, kindness and brother-sister hood will be
Comment by Lydia on October 24, 2011 at 2:01pm

YaY !!! Thanks Claude for the Info !!!

Comment by Claude on October 24, 2011 at 2:00pm
The Platinum Phase begins on the 11-11-11.
The Platinum Crystal & Platinum Ray Release
The Platinum Crystal exudes a beautiful, calming energy of brilliant magnificence.
It brings forth the balancing between the new emerging dimensional realms of the New Earth,
particularly the force that will allow for greater interface, greater access
into the 'Angelic Realm' which is in truth the antimatter phases
of your parallel dimensions.
As such the Platinum Crystal is the surge protector that both feeds
and harmonizes the proportion and parity of the 'Harmonic Cycle'
between matter and antimatter.
It also adjusts and stabilizes the unified crystalline synergy in coalescence
with the enormous crysto--magnetic forces released in the phases of the Cosmic Trigger.
That is specifically why it was located beneath Magnetic Mountain near Eureka Springs,
as those magnetic energies are being transformed by the crystalline forces
as the Magnetic Grid is reduced and replaced in dominance
by the expansion of the 11-Crystalline Grid.

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