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WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS and HAARP now!

WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS  and HAARP now!

WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS  and HAARP now!

Why this is important?


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Is the U.S. Government bullying other nations into geoengineering, otherwise known as chemtrail spraying? More than 190 nations agreed to ban geoengineering under a United Nations treaty to protect the diversity of life on Earth. The ban stipulated that “no climate-related geoengineering activities that may affect biodiversity take place, until there is an adequate scientific basis on which to justify such activities and appropriate consideration of the associated risks for the environment and biodiversity and associated social, economic and cultural impacts.” However: the United States was not one of the signatory countries. ‘a detailed analysis of the document that apparently was drafted by the U.S. in response to the ban concludes: “It looks like the U.S. is trying to think of a way to get the rest of the world on board with the geoengineering program – not to stop it.” The Belfort Group made of specialists in Aeronautics worked and made a file ' Case Orange " which is available to prove that chemtrails do exist and are quite different from normal contrails. See also the documentary ' What in th world are they spraying ' by Paul Wittenberger and Michael Murphy

Composition des CHEMTRAILS: certifies par experts y compris militaires: nano particules de aluminium, baryum, strontium, bacteries, radioactive maetrial , et autres composants toxiques, plasma selon Tom Bosco and Clifford Carnicom qui ont etudie le phenomene depuis deux decades. les consequences pour les ecosystemes tout entiers et la sante humaine sont desastreuses: sterilisation des Sols , pollution des Eaux, de L'Air,plus sur les humains: ( respiratoires , cerveau, systeme immunitaire, etc.. ) Le Morgellons desease est exponentiel et est relie aux epandages.( )

Nous, citoyens de ces nations, faisons valoir notre droit a la sante et l'information, ainsi que le protocole de Kyoto et surtout celui de Nagoya,en 2010 disant que toute experience de geoingineurie et de manipulation de l'atmosphere sont interdites en l'etat actuel de connaissances , tant que on ne connait pas les risques de ces technologie : Texte original; "No climate-related geoengineering activities that may affect biodiversity take place, until there is an adequate scientific basis on which to justify such activities and appropriate consideration of the associated risks for the environment and biodiversity and associated social, economic and cultural impacts."

Ces programmes sont caches au public alors que des millions de gens a present le voient et s'indignent de par le monde et en subisssent les consequences desastreuses au point de vue sante et environnemental.

la "geoingieneurie atmospherique est cachee au public et sera apparemment revelee peu a peu,dans les medias, en arguant nous proteger du "Global warming "alors que deja d'autres scientifiques le remettent en question, en tout cas, ses raisons, infiniment complexes et pas dues seulement a la production humaine de CO2 et c'est aux industries de regler leurs production de CO2 et non a des avions larguant des particules par mega tonnes , d 'aggraver toutes les conditions climatiques deja tres difficiles

: les aerosols CHEMTRAILS conjugues aux ondes saclaires ( HAARP type ) :ont des consequences desastreuses en terme d'assechement de l'atmosphere, de rechauffement de l'atmosphere, de secheresses d'un cote , de pluies diluviennes de l'autre de changements de tempetures aberrants, d'effets sur le jet stream, et le Methane en Arctique, sur la couche d' OZONE et de propagation anormale et extremement dangeureuse de particules de sels metalliques sous forme nano technologique et d'ondes scalaires en face desquels aucun organisme vivant ne peut se proteger.

There are at least 12 different toxic metals, and other harmful compounds being sprayedinto our skies every day, over populated areas, with no public information or consultation. When we read articles like this: 'UK Government admits harmful spraying: The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any 'inquisitive inquirer' the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution' - and also hear warnings from humanitarian scientists with impeccable credentials such as: Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH, a Grey Nun, and President of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH), and Editor in Chief of International Perspectives in Public Health. Dr. Rosalie Bertell served as co-chairperson of the International Medical Commission on Bhopalt’s clear that we need to do all we can, to take immediate action and make our skies safe and our air clean and healthy for all living things to breathe again! 'If the world is a dangerous place to live, it's not because of the people who make it so, but because of the people who don't do anything about it'.




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Comment by Besimi on December 19, 2013 at 12:27am

Permalink Reply by AuroRa 6 hours ago   

 Thank you Rose, signed and shared  

Ban deception, lies, hate, betrayal, greed, archons, negative entities permanently for the rest of remaining eons.........

Thank you AuroRa, signed..... 


Thank you,


Thank you amazing folk - thank you ♥ for signing and sharing

A "request" to cease and desist with chemtrail spraying seems to me, at this point anyway, a completely ineffective way to stop the activity.

Official denial that it's happening is rampant yet the practice has been going on for around two decades. This suggests 'black ops' powers are behind it which makes it a deliberate act and, as we're seeing from the private research published, contains some very sophisticated nanotechnology along with the metals and other chemicals.

On top of that, the GMO groups have now come up with trees which are "aluminum resistant" to deal with the deforestation aluminum toxicity is having -- deliberate, proactive research which recognizes the nature of the damage being done but intrinsically supports it through "adaptation". This implies complicity to me:  the perpetrators are in league with the GMO industry.

In ancient history, these would be considered acts done "with a high hand", meaning will-full, intent-filled, understandingly-made-with-deliberation, but to what end? There is no way the "official" story lines of protecting the atmosphere, curbing global warming, etc. are credible now at any level. Life on our planet is being systematically destroyed through all this "with intent". The Agenda 21 (mass extermination of humanity) mandate on a global scale, but extending to ALL forms of life.

Therefore, the solution must also be global, but this time from the "grass roots". However, not at the 3D level either and probably not even 4D. I see it as requiring collective input from informed minds and hearts whose vibrational level is high enough to energetically transmute the murderous intent of the thinking behind these actions. We also need technical sophistication to reverse the damage which appears, at this point, beyond human capability.

It's also my observation that we have an ever-growing number of competent souls in our world, with more waking up or being born every day. So, perhaps a more vigorous and wide-spread public education program about what is being done and the effects this is having might draw more power-full attention on the matter? The "aware ones" would then be able to transmute the energies of those engaged in these works, ultimately bringing them to a halt.

This is not a force-against-force dynamic, but an "absorption" through acceptance and FORGIVENESS of those responsible, which can release those mindlessly engaged in ending their own lives and those of their children to stop. Then the processes of reversing the damage, healing our world can begin.

Obviously this will not be easy as the chemtrails currently continue unabated, with no effective challenge launched against them to-date being effective (that I've heard of, anyway). This requires a change of heart at the core; humanity needs to grow into and embrace its power at the grass roots level and WANT the change before this subterfuge will be effectively curbed.

What can an individual do here? Fairly simple, actually:  get quiet, ask “What can I do to help?” toward your “higher self”, God, divine feminine, whatever is your 'higher power' . . . then wait, silently, for an answer which may come as a thought, impression, desire, feeling, idea, word(s), whatever is most suitable for you to receive.

Then ask, “What do I do next?” and let your behaviour move on from there. Just a few thoughts I hoped might help. So, started my part by writing this response. I shall soon discover what comes next, for me anyway.


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