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Why so many lightworkers are and have been through rough life and times, by love@unconditionally.

Why so many lightworkers are and have been through rough life and times, by love@unconditionally

Asking and intending to speak as clearly as possible and with the highest good for all. Intending to bring more information, joy, love, hope, clarity and faith for all of us.

Many awaken lightworkers are in the position where they look back their lives and see it to be very demanding. It is almost quarantined that more advanced you are, more pain and suffering there has been as some point of your life.

The good question is why? Let me explain what I have found when I have been following my ray of light trough dimensions back to the source.

You may use your personal assessment and knowledge and intuition to validate my thoughts or align them the way you interpret this subject. I am not claiming this to be the only truth.

I need to shortcut lots of topics in this text that I could explain more and why things are like they are, but I am simply just stating some things as a truth without not explaining why.

The reason for this is that the topic is so large, that we would need about +100.000 pages of book to explain it all and we could still find gaps and things to be explained.

The creation, everything, started from single point, from a void via thought by god. All we experience are initially from this single point, from this point of no time, space.

This place is oneness, this place is full of love - and at this point you are the one, you are the god, the whole god.

The universes and dimensions where created by blasting out the god outwards and individualizing the god into many - you are one of these many individualized fragments of the whole, of the god.

The idea is to go “out” from the god, experience on its own creation and return back to god over the time and bring back the knowledge, the experience.

When god blasted out and we individualized, we split and descended into many realms, many places. This creation was architected by master architects on many dimensions who are creative aiders of divine.

The idea is that all is within the god, all is the god, so we all create and this creation has a free will. This idea cannot be manipulated and changed by any means ever, we are infinitely one.

Earth is just one location where the creation is ongoing - it has expanded out from divine and created by experiencers for many more to experience.

But as god is self-creative, expansive and in everything it is not just humans that experience - also water, rocks, trees, animals and many more experience but the very different way than human.

Earth it is enormously intensive place to experience -one of the most interesting and demanding places there is.

Especially the intensity of experience has been on a direction it is no longer what it was aimed to be, but as god always know the end-result even before anything started, so the destiny of earth has been always known; will return back to divine at some point.

As there is no rush, no time, god have all patience to wait that we here at Earth align to he’s love completely and fully. The earth as place of experience become almost unbearable place to experience because of its suffering so something needed to be done.

The co-creators at higher realms and master architects pondered on the divinely aligned action to help earth to accelerate back to balanced divine creation.

As Earth creation has got to a timelines at times, where the mass destruction and suffering would reach points that it would start to escalate too much into other systems and dimensions, something needed to be done.

The earth “native souls” who started to develop the planet after they left the divine, got influenced by higher dimensional forces that has decided to have their own experiment without the approval of all master architects at the all universes.

The spin-off experiments was to try out how to create from point of separation instead of unity that is the simple principle of god - we are all one, we are all responsible.

These forces who span out the dive unity towards separation, created an illusion of good and bad by example using separation of religions, separation of countries, promoting wars via beliefs on lack of “something” and creating fear of sickness.

As these energies know the power of belief and fear and their combination, they helped human to create a collective experience on earth of suffering, where so little amount of joy and goodness was present.

These fear based beliefs became hard-wired on many levels of human system that it started to accelerate this separation and it almost ended this whole race even before it tasted the glorious feeling of love and unity.

This is a long introduction why so many lightworkers choose the rough life as a human; the earth direction, as it is based on divine free will by beings who inhabit it, is partially directed by hope, belief and love but only within the earth - this means that all we experience if we strictly look at who created it is the humans.

Each human being is connected to earth collective grid (etheric non visible energy field). This grid shape the experience for us and the knowing ie. common sense.

We all, mainly at the moment unconsciously, exchange “commons sense” in and out from us to and from the grid - I mean by unconscious the fact that many people are not fully aware of the power of thought, feeling, hope and beliefs and how it effects on the grid.

Many things are self-evident for us, many things make total sense for us without not even any teaching - this information comes for us from the grid.

We may laugh older generations when they did not know something that is for us so clear.

These things that are self-evident are the ones that are collectively accepted as a truth and these reminds in the earth collective grid where we unconsciously tap and create our commons sense.

One of these current examples of self-evident things is the life at the other planets in the universe. The commons sense is changing to accept this fact that there is life at the other places than earth.

Previously example 20 years ago the common belief was mainly against the life on other planets. But as we move along on the time the commons sense in within next 20 years will be; yes there absolutely is life out there in the universe.

This will be proven scientifically and it will radically influence on this belief. The universal truth of unity and love is something that does not have any copyright.

These are not innovations of any individual this is an idea of what we are at our source, at our home where we all are from.

When the Earth got misaligned from this unity path and became a place of separation, black and white, true or false, enemy and loved ones, something needed to be done.

The call went out to the universe by divine; please send a fragment of you to live a human career, but this time I am asking you to go as a large group and as an ordinary individual and I advise you to choose a career that has the impact from within the humanity as possible.

So when a divine call for earth career went out for many realms many planned a career based on this divine call.

As this earth career aim was to influence on earth gird only within many choose a family full of issues in order to have a chance to directly influence positively on the ordinary life.

These souls when born to these families have no idea who they are during they live their life in earth. The quantity of issues, suffering and pain was taken into these bodies to wait the time of healing and release.

When these individuals when they hold incredible quantity of light takes these experiences they experience everything as amplified emotion, but also the healing and transmutation of these experiences.

These new souls who came in as newcomer to earth did not plan to rise above ordinary people and they remind unknown for masses even after they pass away. These ordinary people are the one who heal family trauma, trauma of war, align the concept of separation.

They do this work by living a human career by changing the thinking of families, by shifting possibly only a handful of people but with this have a huge impact on collective grid.

There is so many of these lightworkers that their collective effect via ordinary life is incredible efficient. But as anything, all starts within - these people cannot change anybody - but they can show the way for new thought, the new love.

But these masters who came are not by any measure greater than any native Earth soul, who actually are also from the same source, from the god. Some of us ended up to earth and it is now our time to help and to have a glorious victory of love within here to remember who they are.

The huge change on separation paradigm is shifting towards unity thinking. We are aided at so many levels on this and even the planetary weather pattern changes are part of this shift.

We are awaken by severe series of storms to consider again the more aligned technologies with planetary balance. So all I can really do to love these storms also.

Now once we live our life at our family, we may want to consider how to help our own family. Many lightworkers have needed to cut the family out, in order to be able to build the own energy and light.

But now we may want to re-connect. Our own relatives who may be stuck on negativity and circle of blame, needs to feel also the new thought of hope, belief and love.

This lightwork we do at our own families is very important but very demanding because we / them need to heal the past trauma by going releasing these deeply embedded issues at subconscious and cellular memory.

As we know we cannot change nobody, we can just guide and gently try to help people to see who they truly are within.

At times this work is easy - it just require us to be patient and wait the right time to talk with them about the miracles of the universe, the beauty of the unity and a power of prayer and forgiveness and the awakening happens.

As anything is possible so is full healing and forgiveness of family issues. As there is no any other way than back to oneness, so we all need to face each other again the way or another so why not to start immediately by example doing some praying.

Love T


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