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Secret information for the energy grid of the earth Anastasios

Secret information for the energy grid of the earth Anastasios

Around our planet there is a huge energy ' Grid ' , which affects not only the atmosphere and weather or telecommunications , but also the vital energy and the thought of living organisms and humans ! This Grid , though it is rather natural , we have now realized that it can be controlled. ( In my opinion , in fact , there is enough evidence to suggest that some ancient civilizations were aware of the existence and the secrets of "use" it. ) Unfortunately , this realization triggered the outbreak of a secret war between governments , multinational companies and intelligence services , and clubs people search power , about who first discovered the more secrets hidden in all this. In these circles there is a widespread view that the one who first discovered how to use all the potential of the Grid , you can transmit or absorb through the Grid energy every kind from all over the planet ( even vital energy which may be able to succeed and personal immortality ) . It is also believed that through the Grid is possible for someone with directional emission , to change the behavior and psyche of the mass of the people , because they can - with some very complex , although theoretical and applications - eg with telepathic emissions , impose new " morphogenetic structures ", " archetypes " or " thought forms ", ie the key elements that create our psyche and our perceptual environment . It is believed that in the same way can cause revolutions and stop wars , or cause to neutralize global epidemics , and most important of all is the belief that you can transmute the human condition , " tuning" the perception of people in higher or lower level. I'll explain below what we mean by all this ... Lately , a very intensive disclosure and decryption of secret Grid . In many texts state that have identified the geometric placement of the ancient temples around the world , which were built over the nodes of the Grid , and several authors and researchers have understood about what happens . Also , for those who follow such developments have already revealed the efforts made in recent years by the U.S. military to decipher and affect the functioning of the ' Grid ' through the HAARP. I declare unreservedly that HAARP was not a program ionospheric study , or a secret weapon of microwave radiation , as some suspect , but an attempt «reverse engineering», an effort to study and understand how to throw the operation of the planetary grid... Knowledge of supervision and operation of the Grid has not fallen so far in the wrong hands . No one can boast that he knows all the details of exactly how this is controlled . But there is a need to focus global attention on him, to be known in all its existence , to understand these discoveries as quickly as possible , not only because some may approach in deciphering its secrets , but also because due to technological our evolution we have created a Grid , perhaps unwittingly , perhaps disorders prove disastrous. I post this text with the sole purpose to help disperse the cascade of information , already traveling to the recipients and affect the scene of action to be taken . Dr. Dreher say that the issue of " wiring " of the entire planet by private and multinational companies , governments clearly interested , because through it promoted the interests of 'globalization ', which then began to strongly support the multinationals. There was a large group of private power , multimillionaires like the Englishman Rupert Murdoch, as the family of German Albrecht Naian or sheikhs of Saudi Arabia , that the money had made multinational giants that no government could not cope . You see, then governments trying to combat transnational any means fair or unfair , but did not manage anything special, because " multinational " money entered into many pockets and affect consciousness . The "private" wiring the entire planet would be a powerful tool in the hands of multinationals, why would their subsidiaries in each country to communicate and make all kinds of transactions among themselves , without giving any account to local governments . Several governments of the time had every reason to follow closely the networking of the planet , because it seemed that was approaching the information revolution that would change the political and military balances, as was a few years later , with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 three years after the completion of the transatlantic fiber optic network , which was in 1988 . But they could not do anything because all these were launched many years ago, from the real masters of the planet , certainly not from those pictured . The fiber optic network and the Internet, were designed back in 1950 ! It was not artificial Internet really mattered specific government officials , nor the "blind spots" or the identification of nuclear submarines, but the "planetary » Internet, the Grid ... It took a great study and research to understand what was happening with the magnetic lines and preventing or ' leakage' of energy circulating on them . In our hands reached an amazing study of Soviet scientists in 1975 , which largely solve the mystery. This study belonged to Dr . Nikolai Gkontsarovl ( historian ) , Dr. . Viatselaf Morozof ( engineer) and Dr. . Valery Makarov (electronic ) , who analyzed data that had been collected by Soviet satellites on anomalies of the Earth's surface and concluded that the tectonic plates of the Earth formed a solid dodecahedron , and the surface of the planet formed a regular icosahedron ... The Soviets realized that our planet looked like a huge crystal, which pulsed with mathematical precision, as if it was designed by some unknown numinous engineers. The Greeks of our team, we identified the dodecahedron of tectonic plates, the secret solid Pythagoras, what Pythagoras kept strictly secret and threatened his students with the death penalty if revealed. The surfaces of the dodecahedron is made from pentagons. Pythagoras knew that the Earth is made of elementary geometrical symmetries and solids. Plato, body of knowledge of Pythagoras, told Phaedo that the Earth is like a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin ... The study was designed Russians and a map of the Earth, wrapped in a strange grid. When findings were the focal points of the Grid, we began to understand that we had before us the edge many mysteries, but the discovery of a major new mystery. Among the key points of the grid map of the Soviets, was the Great Pyramid of Giza, the bay of Hudson (the location of the north magnetic pole), the Pyramid of Xian, the next Chamakoulia in Hawaii (the place where the disappeared ' tilemetaferomeno »dolphin you say), the Bimini islands (which are older Cyclopean walls ever discovered), the valley of Nazca in Peru, Easter Island, Antarctica, and Gabon, where physicists discovered radioactive reactors ... I explain, briefly, what happens: On the surface of the Earth there is an "ethereal" Grid transfer and diffusion of energy, which causes the concentration of this energy in specific places and not allow the diffusion to others. If a cable crosses a certain great "line" Grid, then the signal circulating within the cable, either by light or electricity, trying to escape from it, to follow the line, and so causes standing waves and interference. The first finding was that the grid does not only cause the deviation of the magnetic or electric energy, but also the vital energy (and, as we found later, and the so called intellectual or "psionikis' energy, too). For this reason, the cables were developed unusually interference layers micro-organisms, while other cables were clean. Our conclusion is that it was all rather different actions are actually an action! One, let's say, basic energy, which is due to various geometric thoroughgoing reforms and frequency modulation, is mutated in the actions that we know: When moving into metals is electricity or magnetism, when it goes to the living body becomes bio-photons in vacuum is in the air is sound, etc. Of course, this is a highly heretical conclusion. This reshuffle continues even in non-physical fields, such as information, where we create "thought forms" or «memes»-mims like evolutionary biologists call today-and ultimately the scope of "will", which is the spiritual plane, where we create living entities or consciences. You understand that these considerations verging on the occult. We, in our basic unformatted energy used to call «The Force», because at the time the movies were playing Star Wars (Star Wars), in which the space used by the Jedi Knights' power »(Force), which flowed through all living creatures, to accomplish incredible feats, («May the Force Be With You»). On this occasion, to add something that is not very well known: A program of the U.S. Army at the time, 1980, he called them psionikous soldiers «Jedi», and this program was started before the first movie Star Wars. (Originally we thought the whole thing as a coincidence, but later we learned that George Lucas had enough information on the subject, since we were the first to discover it, but there were many who were exploring before us ...) Another transformation of energy produces the 'material', all that we see around us. You could say that the material produced by the "concentration" of power by compressing large quantities at a point in space and drop in lower vibration, ie at a lower frequency. (Exactly what describes the equation e = mc ^ 2.) Concentration-or-stop energy flow, ie the conversion of matter into energy, which I jokingly called it "alchemical compaction", is calmly, without violent demonstrations (and reminds me of the capture of the sperm from reaching the egg). But the release of energy from matter, always causes a violent shock, explosion, bang, horror, etc. You, me, all of us, we are this energy that has condensed into matter calmly, and turned again sometime in energy, with a violent discharge that we call death. In any event, these studies showed that Oikoviologias points of space that facilitated the "flow" of energy, and was usually "clean" were those who were "harmful" to life while you hold back the flow were those developed life much easier, but immediately filled with all sorts of creatures, viruses and disease. The smooth flow of energy always causes a kind of sterilization. With this realization, we began to look around our various condensation phenomena and energy release. We found places where nothing ever grew there and placed there fluffy soil and seeds. The precautions against the winds and watering, but nothing sprouted. In contrast, we found places that some plants grew in the cement that had placed a few years ago engineers, small plants that broke the concrete and went out in the sun, as if there existed a powerful concentration of vital energy. Slowly we began to understand the basic secrets of energy flow. We experimented with the ancient rules of spatial planning (eg planning is a popular Chinese feng-shui) and achieved incredible results. We placed metal rods in pentagonal form around the barren area of ​​the previous example, we tied them with copper wire and the area turned into a fruitful! Placing powerful electromagnets in areas intersected by the magnetic lines of a region and killed imperiously trees and pontikofolies without having to spray or with drugs, or even to approach near them, simply leading energy between them. In crowded cities of USA where no business was able to achieve all gains and closed idly and locate places where profits were guaranteed their residents. It is said that in some 'losers' roads they built walls, the vapsane with a special metal alloy and after a few months these streets filled with shops and full pockets. But many were the times when the use of such techniques that I mentioned, or lose control and fail a lot, whether caused something completely opposite of what you want to achieve. Often the energy seems to have its own will ... Another important observation was that the phenomena of telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, or predicting events, always associated with specific positions and orientations relating to the Grid. An experimenter could communicate more easily thought of in a median (medium) if both were on a line of energy grids, and there were places that even the strongest median lost abilities. I am not afraid to speak so openly about all this, now, because pretty much have become known to all those involved in the "planning and the environment." A large number of scientists and researchers have begun to observe and understand even a little secrets of energy grids ... In the late 1980s flared research into zero-point energy (zero point energy), which was based on the observation of the flow of energy that was being created at points of zero mass, ie the space. We and many others, then I understand that the energy produces only matter, but also the space, and we began to study the ways in which we could draw energy from "nothing", from where the energy must be stronger and more destructive. Perhaps fortunately, the zero-point energy has not yet mastered. Those who have knowledge of Physics, might understand that these are all applications of the theory of the "unified field", which we have somehow conquered, although we do not yet fully understood. (In the highly qualified research sites circulated the rumor that Einstein had completed his work on the unified field, but did not dare to publish it, because he feared the results of the use of the same people who threw nuclear bombs in populated areas of Japan . Who currently owns this work ;) Another finding that we had arrived, it was very violent explosions, such as those of the nuclear bomb, limited by the Grid. A nuclear bomb to explode, should be placed in a specific position between the lines of the planetary Grid and it explodes wherever and whenever people want. Unfortunately, there are now tables showing when and at which points can be detonated a nuclear bomb. When they started to put the first fiber optic cables on the ocean floor in 1985, the discomfort of the people and the army of any kind government officials began to decline. Probably had now obtained the data or the conclusions they needed to create their own program of study earth energy grids, and no longer interested in the information they give independent researchers ... A map of the famous researcher Ivan Sanderson, who notes in places where they meet 'gravitational anomalies'. The "coincidence" with the focal points of the Grid is not at all random. I should add that a breakthrough on the global energy, was the discovery of so-called "psychic traces» (psi-tracks). In 1987, the Swedish painter Goethe Anderson realized that, as a material form affects mental function and activates brain regions that which the notes, and the opposite happens: a mental operation on a material object, causing a flow of energy from the brain to the object. This discovery Anderson made it randomly. One day, he thought to use his grandfather, who was a strong dowsing to locate an object that had been lost. Created in the mind of a detailed image of the object and asked his grandfather to find it, without telling him exactly what he was looking for. Indeed, his grandfather found the object. At the same time, however, his grandfather remarked that, in the space between his grandson and the object had created a "path" of energy, which was not extinguished immediately, but spent some time there. Puzzled grandson assumed that in the area where the object must have been something else, which probably affected the dowser's. Move the object and then hid in another room. Then asked his grandfather to dowse the site again to see what was what "felt" there. His grandfather, however, found a different path, which led him to new hiding the object! Anderson was stunned, and came into contact with many more dowsing to repeat the experiment. The result was always the same. When one thinks of an object strongly, causing an energy pathway from the brain to the object, which dowsers could identify It sounds incredible, but the path is not extinguished when the man stopped to think, but remained in the same place for some time. But when the subject metakinoutan, then the path metakinoutan this with him, and continued to show the object! The painter informed until the University of Stockholm, where he collaborated with natural Telefsen yen, which helped him to complete his research and give all the necessary scientific characteristics. The two researchers made later theory of "psychic traces." Further investigation of this phenomenon is currently funding the family of one of the richest people in the world, the Swedish multi-millionaire Ingmar Kamprant ... The researchers observed that the phenomenon psychic traces and those associated with the planetary grid. In some places and times, the creation of the psychic path is easy and the energy flow is stronger, while in other places and times, the "path" is difficult to create and extinguished almost immediately. Quite the same mental energy, as electromagnetic energy! ... The earliest civilizations built their temples on specific points of energy grids, with specific orientation and special materials. They also believed that there were two kinds of sacred sites. The whites and blacks. The "white" sites were those where flows incessantly sterilizing power, which is the opposite true in life, but activates the spirit and cleanses the human body. In the "dark" places the trapped energy, life and ends up in gigantic orgiastic forms, but there accumulates and vital energy. So when I wanted to help a weak man, left to dwell for a short time in a "black" site. Conversely, a psychopath or a heavy patient, who was in need of energy-clean, lead to a "white" place, in a wilderness, away from the lush vegetation, presumably so that the energy flow to disperse the uncontrollable bio-energy configurations. It sounds simplistic and certainly does not solve all the problems of medicine and biology, but it is criminal that this knowledge is considered "closed", although most studied by hundreds of scientists and researchers around the world. Over the previous observations have worked many biologists and physicians, who have developed theories to explain the phenomena. After the Second World War, the German Ernst Hartman first developed a theory that coincides remarkably with the other comments. Hartmann calculated the thickness and location of the energy lines and found them to have a width 21 cm (!) And form a matrix consisting of rows spaced 6 meters from each other in the north-south axis, and 2.5 meters in East-West axis! Hartmann believed that the points of intersection of the lines is hazardous to your health. Dr.. Manfred Curry, later developed the theory that each line of the planetary Grid carry electrical charges. At points where the energy lines intersect the planetary Grid, if the charging energy are two positive charges, we overgrowth of cells, and if two negative charges developed inflammation. Dr. German. Nieper developed the theory of "geopathic stress zones» (geopathogenic zones) that can be detected by special devices and coincide with lines Hartmann and Curry lines. All these coincide with the persistence of a famous surgeon Ferdinand Saouermprouch advise cancer patients if they wanted to get well, not sleeping in the same place where they slept when they realized their illness ... It is obvious that these scientists observe and try to interpret all of them the same phenomenon, and it is also obvious that the theories and interpretations are not integrated. Perhaps the earliest civilizations to have all the answers, but their knowledge was lost when those civilizations were destroyed. Maybe some secrets kept by some religions, but it is very difficult to investigate. The most authentic perhaps remnants of ancient knowledge in the hands of the Chinese, who are practicing geomancy for thousands of years and consider it as one of the most developed theories. (As for Europe, the secret must not be lost, at least not from a Christian priesthood, because it is very easy to see that the cathedrals of Europe are on nodal points of the grid lines.).. Key questions regarding the dissemination of energy trying to answer and the theory of his colleague and good friend of mine , the renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake , who believes that ideas , chemical compounds, DNA, forms , resonating with the energy field Earth and cause a formative process in the material , causing the " incarnation " in the physical plane . The Energy Grid related to the phenomenon of " magnetic resonance Schumann » (Schumann magnetic resonance) or ' Thermometer Thor "as many call it , which predicted and identified the German B. Schumann , in the late 1950s . The phenomenon Schumann is one of the first discoveries that led to the realization of the existence of energy grids and scientific documentation. In short , any electromagnetic disturbance , anywhere on Earth , affects the entire planet . If eg dropped a thunderbolt in Athens , electromagnetic echo of thunder makes eight times round the Earth in just one second! When first seen the Schumann resonances , was immediately understood that our planet behaves like an enormous electric circuit, which is designed to carry any information at all points of the globe.

The flow of this electricity in the atmosphere is relentless , because throughout the planet happen every now over 1,000 electrical storms. Most importantly , however , characteristic of the phenomenon is that the atmosphere of our planet vibrates at 7.8 Hertz, exactly the same frequency pulsing usually the human brain in better condition (so-called brain waves Alpha). However, since the Earth's atmosphere is certainly older than the human brain , assumed until recently that we have " tuned " by Schumann phenomenon to operate at this frequency, and that no other frequency is not natural for us. But when astronauts leave the earth's atmosphere for long periods of time , they feel that " lose reality" , and for this spacecraft , NASA puts today Schumann generators , which produce in the booths of the spacecraft an electromagnetic field that pulsates with the rhythm of 7.8 Hz. This phenomenon can be seen Schumann and therefore from a different angle. Once our brain - usually with his brain waves Alpha- coordinated with the 7.8 Hertz pediakon electrical oscillations in the atmosphere ( the frequency is about one- sixth of the frequency of electricity supplied from the mains at home. First discovered these atmospheric oscillations was Nikola Tesla ) , it clearly looks like an electromagnetic lock consciousness imposed by the energy grid and does not allow us to " change the channel ". For this " lock " I have talked with in the past , in my article in ET , with information from Cobra [ here we have more details ] and we have explained that the radio is essentially " carrier wave" , we coordinate all a common channel ( but it appears that allows the transmission of telepathic messages, globally ) . Also , we have explained that studies have shown that changing the brain frequency is not necessarily dangerous as some researchers think , changing only the production of hormones , and affects emotions and perception. I stress the importance of " coincidence " of brain frequency , and the frequency of the energy grids , because behind this coincidence hiding a very big secret, which is still being investigated and which I still can not let public ... All these indicate about the point where we had managed to get in the early 1990s . Unfortunately , after some initial successes in exploring the nature of the energy grid, the enthusiasm of my team had begun to recede . We could not decipher the deeper secrets, nor to understand the essential nature or function. NOTES slowly that we lacked some basic understanding , not allow us to go deeper into the understanding of Grid . Nevertheless , in some circles of researchers have begun to create a dangerous turmoil . As we speak, several groups of hunters of power try to appropriate and to keep secret the Grid research and developments , with the hope that they will be able to first learn all the secrets and dominate through this entire planet . While few people began experimenting with Grid , today it is the center of interest of various obscure groups and scientists , but who manage to maintain a " buried " issue , since the general public can not comprehend all this. ( The funny thing is , in fact, that in all these folk often heard and " unscientific ." ) The purpose for which I wanted to talk about this, I think it's obvious : It is imperative that the information on this issue and the disclosure of the secret to the energy grid of Earth . Some have already begun to play with the planetary forces and experimenting without realizing the immense power hidden there. I did not realize because they have not address the question , exploring the occasional whole rush for applications and not fully understanding. Because it is the holy grail of physics planetary powers , and hurry to get it first . The energy structure of our planet , the Grid , it is necessary to preserve the life and evolution of all living organisms . The Grid specifies the path of the storm , the wind direction , the routes followed by groundwater , perhaps sharing consciousness on the planet . If knowledge of evolved, and remain in the hands of an irresponsible and selfish minority, this may prove to be quite disastrous, plus nobody else can understand what's going to come ... It is no longer a big secret , that our planet is about to enter a new chapter in its history. The frequency of rotation , and the characteristics of the magnetic field will soon change and create new balances , and new perceptual realities . Humanity , if it wants to survive , will have to face these changes with more maturity and with great mental agility. It forced de facto to abandon the child stage, of our evolution ..Blessings

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Comment by Besimi on December 30, 2013 at 1:33am

Love Human and Love Divine Teacher: Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy explains the differences between Human Love and Divine Love

Love Human and Love Divine By Sri Chinmoy

Dear sisters and brothers, I wish to share with you my humble philosophy, which is based on love. We know that there are two types of love: human love and Love Divine.

In human love, what we actually try to do is to possess the many without caring for the One, the Source. But if we do not possess the Source, then the many cannot be of any help to us.

If there is no root, then how will the tree grow? How will we be able to claim the branches or the flowers and leaves as our very own?

With the divine Love, we go first to the One, the Source, and from there we go to the many.

We become one with the root, and then we grow into the tree, which will manifest itself through the branches and leaves, the flowers and fruits.

Divine Love is the song of multiplicity in unity. In human love there is demand or, at least, expectation.

Very often we start with demand, and when a higher wisdom dawns we no longer demand, but still we expect something from others.

We convince ourselves that this expectation is justified. Since we have done something for others- offered our love-we feel it is quite legitimate to expect something in return.

But in divine Love there is no such thing as demand or expectation. In divine Love we just give what we have and what we are.

What we have and what we are is dedicated service. In the human life, before we give our love, we try to discover love in others-that is, their love for us.

In the divine Life, before we give our love to others, we try to discover Love in its reality and integrality within ourselves. Only then are we in a position to offer love to others.

At first our satisfaction dawns when we feel that those to whom we offer our love accept it wholeheartedly. But there is an even higher form of divine Love when we go beyond this feeling, and give love just for the sake of self giving.

We give, and even if our love is not accepted, we do not mind. We shall go on giving, for we are all love, our Source is all Love.

In human love there is not only demand and expectation, but there is something even worse: withdrawal. First we demand, then we expect.

When our expectation is not fulfilled, we sometimes try to withdraw from the person to whom we have offered our love. In divine Love, it is never like that.

With divine Love we try to become one with the weakness, imperfection and bondage of others.

Although we have inner freedom, we use this inner freedom not to lord it over others, but to become one, consciously one with their imperfections.

In this way we can understand them and serve them at their own level, with a view to transforming their imperfections. The capacity of human love is so limited that we cannot expand ourselves and totally embrace one another.

There is bound to be a feeling of supremacy. I shall love you, no doubt, but I wish to remain an inch higher than you. On that condition I shall love you.

The superior loves the inferior because he is satisfied to some extent with his position in this relationship. The inferior very often loves the superior because of his insecurity.

So love binds them and gives them both some sense of satisfaction.

But in divine Love there is no such thing as superiority and inferiority. Divine Love always gives itself freely and wholeheartedly.

Divine Love gets satisfaction only by offering itself totally and unconditionally. In divine Love, we come to notice that the personal and the impersonal perfectly go together. There is a balance between the two.

The personal in us enters into the vast, which is impersonal; and the impersonal in us enters into the personal to manifest its unmanifested Reality, Divinity and Immortality. In human love, the personal and the impersonal are two strangers; worse, they are at daggers drawn.

The personal and the impersonal at best try to reach a compromise, but this compromise brings no satisfaction at all; in the very depth of human love, there is always a rivalry and competition between the two.

On rare occasions, the personal says to the impersonal, which is inside the human being, "Let us alternate our reality, our height, our wisdom, our capacity.

This moment you stand up and I shall remain seated; the next moment I shall stand up and you will sit." In human love, very often the physical mind, the doubting mind, the suspecting mind, comes to the fore.

But in divine Love, we see only the loving heart, the surrendering heart, the all beckoning heart. The mind loves a reality because it sees the reality according to its own understanding and vision.

But the heart loves a reality because it sees the reality in the reality's own form. The heart becomes inseparably one with the reality, with the very existence of that reality, both inner and outer.

It sees the living breath of the reality in its own form and shape; it sees the body and soul of the reality all together. In human love, the lover and the beloved are two separate persons.

The lover is running toward the beloved, and when he reaches the beloved he finds his satisfaction. In divine Love, the lover and the beloved are one and inseparable. In divine Love, the Lover is the Supreme and the Beloved is the Supreme.

In human love, we feel that satisfaction lies somewhere else- not within us, but in somebody else. But in divine Love, satisfaction is found nowhere else but in ourselves.

The Lover and the Beloved are one and the same-the Supreme dwelling within and the Supreme outside us. When we speak of our 'self' as the divine Lover or Beloved, we have to know that this is the 'Self' which is both the One and the many.

This Self, the Supreme, finds its satisfaction only when it gets a glimpse of God's Reality, Infinity, Eternity and Immortality in the many.

This 'Self' is the One, and it wants to see and feel its Reality in the many. Love is duty. In our human life we see duty as something mechanical, lifeless, forced-something thrust upon us.

But in the divine Life, duty is something full of opportunity. At every second an opportunity dawning for us to expand our life's consciousness, our life's reality, our life's delight.

So in the divine Life we welcome duty, for it increases our capacity and potentiality and expands the dream of our divine, unhorizoned Reality.

Life is the lesson of Love. Love is the lesson of Life. When we study Life's lesson in our human life, the lesson is composed of fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and frustration.

But in the divine Life, we see that Love is the lesson not only of Life, but also for Life-for the Life that is everlasting, ever illumining and ever fulfilling.

A divine Lover is he who believes in the divine miracle. A human miracle is something that feeds our curiosity, something that lasts for a fleeting second.

But the divine miracle is the elevation of consciousness. To raise somebody else's consciousness, to raise humanity's consciousness even an iota is the true divine miracle.

The conscious help the divine Lover gives to the seeker performs this divine miracle. We are of God the eternal Love and we are for God the eternal Love.

We are of God the infinite Love and we are for God the infinite Love. Eternity is the Source of the Silence life; and Infinity is the message of the sound life.

From the One we came and for the many we exist. This is the real message of divine Love.

We are of the One and we are for the many-the many in the One. This is the quintessence of Love Divine.

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