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"I repeat again that Casper is a reporter of only a fraction of the activity of this Quiet Revolution. He, through his contact network, work totally on a voluntary basis to report the "news" to you. Without his reports, what would you know? Yet, you discount his efforts and are critical of his reports, with no basis for such claims."
When I read this, I think it's true that many of us appear skeptical, cynical and critical at times. It is also true that most of time we have no facts or evidence on which to dispute his claims, or the claims of others. The problem is that there are usually no facts, or evidence or ways for us to check on the validity of his claims. So Casper is just another of those anonymous people who claim to have some kind of inside knowledge of secret events, but can only reveal so much.

If we are to read and process all of this kind of information with a "discerning eye and heart" in order to figure out what might be true or at least partially true, what do you expect? Without facts or evidence, it's just one person's opinion of another person's unsubstantiated claims passing each other in psychological space.

So when we read that the packets were supposed to be delivered, but the bad guys intervened again with secret chips and blah, blah, blah; don't be surprised that some us are justifiably skeptical. In the end, nothing happens and there is no evidence of any of this activity except for one person's claim. Maybe a few more facts or ways to verify this information would be helpful.



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Nov. 20, 2009

Dear MK:

I understand your frustrations about this Mission, but your conclusion of needing facts and evidence is incorrect. As with anything of a spiritual nature, the proof of this Mission lies within you. Documentation, facts and evidence is only confirmation of what we "know" to be true.

Those who "know" are way beyond opinion, my friend. There are always several "layers" to any "covert" operation. Those of any given layer are told only what they need to know. So it is with the NESARA Mission. Having few if any contacts or evidence in this process, you rely on the Truthfulness of the messenger with deep contacts. So there is a certain amount of faith required to keep believing, but the proof which brings the "knowing" lies within each person.

You ask the question, "If we are to read and process all of this kind of information with a 'discerning eye and heart' in order to figure out what might be true or at least partially true, what do you expect? I expect the enlightened man of wisdom to discern in his heart and to "know" this Mission is very real. I expect those lacking knowledge and enlightenment and discernment skills to be very skeptical, critical and react emotionally by saying the "messages" are all blah, blah, blah, like banana peels flipping though spaced, having no relevant meaning to the vacant mind.

It puzzles me why one would keep torturing his limited understanding by continually reading this so-called Casper blah, ha and keep cycling on the emotional roller coaster day after day. The journey to Truth is for those, who sincerely seek, who learn discernment and discover "the knowing" that lies beneath the illusion. We are spiritual beings, living this physical illusion with an inner guidance system to direct our course to Truth, to the Truth of this NESARA Mission. May you find your way.

In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer

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