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The dark cannot prevent your destiny

The US Corporation continues to derive sufficient funds from its many corrupt dealings to remain one step ahead of bankruptcy. This dark group has heinous plans for inflicting damage on you. These include a massive worldwide pandemic, a spike in the amount of global pollution, and the means for increasing the number of major conflicts.
"Our strategy so far has been to let the dark ones seriously incriminate themselves and to help in those areas most afflicted by dark hands. Meanwhile, these ones are intent upon tactics used throughout history by desperate rulers with their backs against the wall. This scorched-earth policy (e.g. the recent financial crash) is something our Earth allies are well aware of. For example, all attempts at beneficial legislation are either being blocked or else the masses are being manipulated to turn against them (health reform). The turmoil across your globe bears witness to the deep distress of the dark cabal, and we monitor and chronicle each move these malevolent trolls make. Each of their acts is to be legally punished. Believe us when we say that we do not take these things lightly. We understand the dualistic nature of your world which requires balancing, and Heaven also decrees that these evil deeds be redressed. A number of specific agreements are to be put in motion once these dark ones are routed. Many caretaker governments are to be put in place and worldwide debt forgiveness is to be enacted. This will be followed swiftly by diverse measures which return this globe to peace, prosperity, and cooperation with the Light. Then come the announcements fully disclosing our presence in your skies and the coming event of first contact. This, above all, is what the dark minions dread; they understand only too well that this information alters your reality forever and do everything in their power to keep us from being formally acknowledged. This time is being used by us to compile a full and final chronicle of accountability with which our Earth allies are to charge the dark ones at the judiciously appropriate time. The dark cannot prevent your destiny, that is, your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light ...."

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