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~We Have Shifted to 5th Creation with Harmonically Amplified 9x9 Unity Consciousness ~

We Have Shifted to 5th Creation with Harmonically Amplified 9x9 Unity Consciousness

Posted by Ҩelizabeth trutwin₪ on April 16, 2011 at 3:14pm
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April 2011~Lisa Renee
Dear Family,
Recently I have returned from the most beautiful and surreal experience that transpired
within our group Guardian planetary grid project that we participated with over the last month.
Our group had the opportunity to witness the frequency of the New Open Architecture
that supports “Unity Source Code” geometry - penetrate and anchor into
the physical elemental planes collapsing potentially destructive timelines
into other positive potential timelines for humanity’s access.
This closed multiple “galactic” wormholes being accessed by Dark entities
that were using them to manipulate time fields or use the human being’s energy field
through the mass consciousness control programs.
When you manipulate massive amounts of energy this way, you create rips in time and space fabric,
which manipulates time and space, as well as the nodes that control “timelines”. 
As a result we have a bunch of entities quite confused at what has transpired
as certain technologies they were using are now defunct.
Their known existence is changing along with ours.
During Mid March this planet had an opening for anchoring new living architecture through
the opening portal of the “Ascended Krystal Spiral” frequency transmission activated and anchored
through the Sacred House of Mirrors.
(The Sacred House of Mirrors is referring to the Spiritual House that God built by the schematic
received through the Divine Cosmic Cube of 144,000. 
The Ascended Arc Lights of Christos, the Luminaries have created the Architecture that allow this
to descend into the physical manifest worlds.
In effect - we have animated the “House that God Built” in the March Equinox energies)
The Mother and Father Arc were a part of birthing the Unity geometries that became living breathing creatures
(the offspring- the Christ Child Trinity) alive and well - dwelling within the Sacred House of Mirrors.
This was also physically represented by the spiritual and ceremonial marriage of a Rod and Staff
couple based on taking vows of Inner Christ Unity for humanity within the Hall of Mirrors itself.
Our Guardian Forces have another conduit of which to work through in the continuing project
of building the Open Architecture of Living Lightemanating from the Sacred Mirrors of the Monad
( Inner God and Seed Atom) weaving its reflection back into the Unity pattern of the Eternal Christos Self.

Our group (and many other Lightworker’s across the globe) based upon our own inner self determination -
chose how we would participate with these upcoming “Unity” frequencies
and the resulting change it would create in the collective consciousness fields.
Many of us were sent around the globe to hold certain patterns of frequency represented
as Unity consciousness  during this last March Equinox.
(This is a totally new template level of the Christos intelligence field,
the Unity frequency of Inclusivity and the Open Architecture placed within our planet
to support it within multiple other planetary spheres.)

There was an immediate reaction of stabilizing internal pressure from exploding on the surface
of our planet and we saw this manifest into the physical planes.
These shifts in the collective human fields have created amplification and pressure
that have been very difficult to cataclysmic for some people.
Exclusive Systems are Dying
Those of us that are participating as a conduit for the first wave of the “Unity Source Code”
have experienced massive resistance to this change from the old 3D matrix structure
in this new integration period - it has not been fun or easy.
Since Mid March this resistance was amplified considerably to reflect the massive shift
we have collaborated to co-create with Christos Forces,
to expand the Bands of Compassion and Mercy on our planet.
(We have just invited Legions of New Beings of Compassion and Mercy to come communicate
within the Open Architecture of our planet.)
These new frequencies are forcing everything hidden to be revealed
and that a core structural change is required to survive.

The operating system of organizations and entities
must change in value from a closed (exclusive) system
to an open (inclusive) operating system in order to evolve and survive ongoing in these new frequencies.

The higher frequency you are working within inside any of these old organized structures
will reflect the sudden onset of collapse, immediate chaotic changes or economic flatline.
As an example people that are working within jobs of creative, artistic or spiritual interest
will have an immense pressure to change their attitudes,
values and rules of engagement to reflect a matched vibration.
The matched vibration is open and inclusive – not hidden or exclusive.
The more dense control structures take more time in dismantling fully, and although not impervious
to radical chaotic change, will be slower because of the bureaucratic red tape of the governmental
and societal systems that are very slow to make progressive changes.
These systems are collapsing but are meeting a critical mass of its “collaborative collapse”
as so many of the control systems are interdependent and falsely propped up on each other.
( These are completely unsustainable systems)

During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment
to such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues,
losing material objects, etc.
The entire base foundation of your support structure is changing now.
YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working,
living or collaborating with.
Meditate and rest a lot as dealing with these types of issues can be quite physically draining.
(I notice in order to keep my body functioning I must withdraw continually
to my inner sanctum to gather energy.
I really have no choice in this matter, my body requires what it requires
and I have to listen to it. It has required isolation.)

The old control matrix and the hidden entities manipulating and using it are barking,
biting and scratching in every way they can to gain some momentum.
It’s been plum exhausting and had many of us hiding out at home.
The control matrix is an intrinsic part of all of our banking/money, legal, educational,
medical/drugs, compliance structures and job systems,
so these areas have been slapping us silly with all they got.
The closed control system is deranged and broken and it has been revealing its mad psychosis
to us more and more with every passing day.
The desperation of these entities is just dripping from these systems that do not function any more. 
As a result to this desperation, more mind controlled automatons appear with
a standard boiler plate to wield more bi-polar attempts
to force your compliance to their generated fear mechanism.
Unfortunately the unconscious masses are being mostly preyed upon to be the enforcer
of these negative agendas, in fear of a paycheck.

Consciousness Elevating Process

We are observing a necessary part of the integration process into the new frequency structures.
We have accelerated in a huge burst forward and it’s changed what frequency structure
we can connect into.
It generates temporary schisms of huge discordance in the opposites of the external field.
Needless to say it creates a lot of chaos, confusion and disruption to transcend.
We should be getting used to this now.
You may see undisciplined people acting out their nasty stuff on the stage,
as well as human compassion and philanthropic beauty
being displayed all in the same moment to moment. 
Sometimes it will feel like a chafing of building abrasive energies that can feel unbearable
as they integrate inside your personal vessel,
as your field is designed to work its consciousness magic to harmonize the environment
and resolve conflicts between your being and others.
Have you noticed another flux of people from the past, or family,
co- workers and all those relationships from multiple identities seeking healing, resolution or guidance? 
Pluto in retrograde seems to also be pushing these scenarios into some mad rush for closure.
Most of us recognize this consciousness elevating process (initiation into new fields of frequency)
as the “integration of polarities”.
One cannot be a true “knower” without having had the direct experience of becoming ”it”.
Every Mystery School emphasizes this as a critical initiation (state of consciousness elevation)
to be able to transcend the illusion of form as being “real”.
This has been especially emphasized with the Starseed as many of us were not “intrinsically” human,
nor did we share the same value system of 3D humanity.
We had to “become” a 3D human in order to transcend that limitation in service to the rest of humanity.
As most of us have experienced a high level of physical discomfort with the forces of resistance,
counter-energies or what may appear to be –
adversarial forces placing obstacles in your mission pathway.
Many times the intensity between the polarization of opposing forces are the necessary catalyst
to “slingshot” our way past density or decrepit energy structures
to elevate us quickly to a new consciousness.
That is exactly what is happening during this phase and you may be feeling it
as such a “core rattling” experience it’s like your molecules are shifting.

Beyond the body’s physical exhaustion and attempts to recover from the pushing and pulling
of external energies around us, manifested events have elevated to new bi-polar energetic extremes.
For those of us committed to be the vessel of these projects, we know that the backlash
is inevitable as the equal/opposite merge of the new frequency appears.
Its cellular memory unlocks many dimensional time doorways that were previously closed
and it changes the current potential possibilities accessed.

As I returned from these timeline grid projects feeling like a beat up worn out soldier
that had been kicked in the flank a thousand times,
I had to address a legal claim of copyright and overdrafts in the bank as soon as
I crossed the threshold of my door at home.
This path is not for the weak hearted and clearly all of us have been confronted
with extremely challenging issues stemming from the grasping 3D control programs.
The level of unconscious reaction received as a backlash of the new frequency architecture
anchoring has been very difficult and very hard work.
We are birthing a completely new open architecture on the planet at this time,
and its holds great promise for all of us.

Painful Global Events

As we began our project on March 10th, in alignment to the planetary
“unity source code” transmissions, the planetary body had a series of events that energetically manifested
as a part of the change in the core architecture in the planetary body. 
Many of these events were at cost to human lives and created terrible destruction.
These painful global events are screaming at us that we must adapt to these new frequencies
and change our behavior and actions of creating intentional harm.
We cannot continue to survive as a species while acting out horrible acts of brutality
and cruelty against humanity.
The only chance we can survive is to collect our human and natural resources
and learn to live in harmony and principles of Unity with each other.

Most humans on this planet do not understand that the collective consciousness fields
holding extremely dense bodies of negative ego thoughts and actions
as well as primarily selfish materialistic motivations are used to control us.
Humans are manipulated by the very thoughts we create in order to generate destruction
and further division between each other.
Certain patterns of psychologically warped Tyrannical Despots and their abuse of power
continue to explode onto center stage to be dismantled, while the earth and water elementals
adjust to reflect accumulated human abuse of the Asian grid and its surrounding land mass. 
Life as we know it on this planet is being altered and adapting to transformation
is mandatory without personal ego choice.

Most of us have been ignoring the message to evolve our value systems and respect
the “natural laws” for way too long.
The choice has been given to us in how we could experience our evolution in relationship to the planet.
However humanity’s actions (whether manipulated though mind control or not)
demonstrate we consistently choose devastation and cataclysm in order to change our intrinsic behavior.
God punishes no one, we make causal choices that have an energetic consequence to our actions,
whether human beings are coherent about this fact or not.
Energetic Knowledge is Currency


These recent intersections were made possible by the Galactic Superhighway

of multiple Synchronic Lines that meet in highly charged vortices in certain areas of the planetary body.
Recent exchanges were connected into other axis points leading into intelligent energy streams
of communication into multiple other planetary bodies in our Universe.
Transference of code designed to decipher multiple language platforms used on other planets
(and other Universal systems) were also a part of this core architecture upgrade,
which allows more channels of frequency as a directed communication stream available to our planet.
Knowledge contained within the Universal Intelligent Energy Streams is the “currency”
of all advanced cultures and races. Humanity has recently linked up
into a lot more available “energetic knowledge currency” to exchange with multiple advanced Star Races
as a part of being included in Cosmic Citizenship.
This accelerates our efforts (the Starseed Ground crew) to create more communication opportunities
to have cooperative efforts created in order to be received by those advanced cultures
who hold reverence for life and respect for the Law of One.

Our planetary grid network is undergoing a process akin to an Omniversal Satellite link
up to communicate with multiple platforms of language.
This event is rapidly changing our planet’s communication network from a closed operating system
to an open operating system.
This is going way further outside of the frequency fences and distorted electrons
used by the controlling factions on earth.

As the planet is now an open architecture with an open operating system,
it means larger and more frequent exchanges with other intelligent life streams in our Universe
(and Multiverse) is ready to happen. We have created a new “currency” for our planet.
Advanced cultures that exist all over the Universe,
do not have a monetary system of enslavement as we do on planet earth.
Knowledge and technology is the accepted currency, and many cultures are extremely interested
in the genetic diversity as well as the influences of most of the hidden extraterrestrial influence on this planet.

The Conflict of Esoteric becoming Exoteric
What has transpired over the last month is a huge change in the core Cosmology of our Universe,
and heralds a change in the Hierarchies, and there is now an incredible level of support
from the Hierarchies of Compassion and Unity, which are the Christos and God Forces.

One of the results of this Cosmological and Hierarchal Shift created a large tumultuous conflict
and confusion with multiple planetary and stellar bodies and those entities
that have been “tending to them” at consciousness and energetic levels.
There are disagreements and resistances to the Open Architecture that is required
to establish true UNITY consciousness.
This conflict is also being demonstrated below in the physical earth plane in a variety of ways.
It requires subservience to the God plan, and service to others beyond yourself,
and many human and non human’s are “balking” at this requirement.
There are two main hierarchal lineages that are a part of the Original Prime Creators of this Universe,
namely the Luminaries of the Arcs –
The Architects and Inspirers of Form, (The HEART of Cosmologies of Christos, The Ascended Arc Lights)
and the Builders of Form that are within a total conflict of authority. 
(The Descended Arc Lights or the Mind Cosmologies and its Manifestation
also known as the EYE Doctrine by Tibetan Buddhism–
what is seen by external senses and not experienced directly through the inner senses of the heart.)

For eons those that have been the Builders have also been the protectors of esoteric truths,
and have prevented “occult knowledge” from becoming exoteric and known to the common man.
Many of us understand the abuse of power (i.e. Atlantis, Egypt) and the ego that distorted
most of these Law of One teachings to be subverted into selfish motivation or parceled into half truths.
It is believed in these hierarchies, both human and non human that exist in multiple planes,
that only the “entitled” are able to access esoteric truths,
and that has been the practical understanding of the teaching of Mystery Schools
through the ages as the levels of “dark evolution” were certainly upon us on this planet.
Competent Mystery School’s always emphasize the importance of
the COMPREHENSION of the material, and the unifying concepts of its value to know
the Nature of Humanity as a God.
As one chooses and delves into esoteric studies,
it is the nature of the Universe, the nature of the core essence,
the nature of the True Self as the Inner God is slowly revealed to the inspired and disciplined devotee.

This is why it is mandatory to purify your heart and to be disciplined to moral and ethical objectives
to support humanity as a whole, as these are not mere “judgments” of character -
they are imperative understandings to not abuse the power of knowledge
that has been hidden in the esoteric Sacred Spiritual Sciences.
The Law of One is that such Sacred Spiritual Science and it has been revealed to our planet
in dispensation as a part of God’s plan -  to the common human,
and to those who would consider themselves the elected or entitled ones to dictate
and control its usage or content. 
Without comprehension of the teachings, without the heart being the foremost priority
of its application, the study is immediately corrupt and limited to the planes of the mind.

This is where the two hierarchies of “Architect” and “Builder” are now represented
in current physical forms and within this conflict of revealing “esoteric truths”
are attempting to merge the polarities of ancient conflicts.
It is the reason of purpose of multiple manifestations of “bodies” of work
that are supporting the Law of One. 
The Three Principles of Creation must Merge into One Unified Expression within these lineages,
One that is free of elitism, exclusivity and mind control.
Both Hierarchies are required to build matter,
and the conflict between these two lineages is Ancient.
The Builder decided they did not want to build by the laws
of Architect and set forth their own creations,
which promptly died. As Law of One - the Natural Laws of God -
ultimately supports the eternal Heart, and renders everything else as finite to nonexistent.
Any Sacred truth rendered from the mind will ultimately die or distort,
and the heart will enliven it through eternity –
as God Spirit is the Cosmic Heart of our Universe. 
We are building the Heart intelligence fields to new levels now.
More of us in human bodies are able to meditate, be inspired to receive ancient words,
comprehension of larger truth about our relationship to the Universe,
connect with vast intelligences, and this all is a part of the plan of this Ascension Cycle.
God excludes no one and now in this new cycle will not accept exclusionary models.
What was esoteric (hidden) is designed to become exoteric (revealed) now. 
Many humans and other beings are still confused and angry about this revealing
of all that was hidden and as such the “controls”
and the attacks in such cases continue and escalate. 
However the more we seek to control the worse it’s going to get as the days
of these hierarchies existing in these same ways cannot continue.

How Can We be of Service?


The dedication and discipline to maintain the higher focus of non-judgment

and an attitude of service to others - beyond all human fears and frailties -
is more than a full time job.
It requires every last drop of our essence to be dedicated to serve God Spirit
and truly accountable to our own consciousness power.
Truly many of us are emanating the new supernal luminescence from the realms
of the Superhuman, the Inner Christos.
It is our destiny to be Superhuman, as the Inner Christ Spirit is the emanation
of the miraculous by product of God-Spirit.
Our God Spirit is a Consciousness Technology Supreme
that overrides all lesser technologies.
These recent events give us lots to ponder and meditate upon as change starts from within us. 
As we move forward with the intention of being a sovereign model of service to others,
we commit to continue to purify ourselves to become the experience and comprehension
of greater truths that emanate from within our own inner light.
That we seek to share unselfishly what we have been given that has shown
us abiding love and inner peace, with others around us.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path!
Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa

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