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Telecom Giants in Canada Will Go Ahead With A Metered Internet Pricing Scheme After The Election ~ The Conservative Party Does Not CARE??

OpenMedia has obtained a conference call between
Shaw executives and shareholders.

The call reveals that the Telecom Giant Will Go Ahead
With A Metered Internet Pricing Scheme After The Election. 
We need all the major political parties to make a commitment
to fix the growing problem of out-of-control Internet fees. 
That’s why asked each of the parties to outline
their plan of action in our all-party Digital Future Survey.
We received answers from every major federal party...
with the exception of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Internet is elemental to our economy, jobs and social progress -
you deserve to know where all the parties stand
so you can make an informed voting decision.
Don’t let the Conservatives leave you in the dark.
For our digital future,
Lindsey and the Team
P.S. relies on support from Canadians
so we can continue to hold Politicians and Big Telecom
To Account.

Please chip in to support our work.

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