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we have only 72 hours to save the world.

A asked me to forward this to you. he is on silent mode and cant answer any
mails until monday.
please pass this message to as many people as you can. we have only 72
hours to save the world.

On the anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ, followed three days later
by his reincarnation :

Mr Keenan, there is no such thing as coincidence, you have been chosen for
a reason, i am not sure who chose you, or why you were chosen, but i suspect it
must have something to do with you being a basketball player.

So that i can clearly explain to you, in a language you will understand,
exactly what is at stake here. This war we are currently engaged in has raged
for 14 000 years and now we are coming to the final play. Imagine this as game 7
of a brutal NBA finals series, something like the classic Lakers Celtics series.
10 seconds remain in the final quarter, we trail by a point but we have the
ball. This is our final time out, i am the coach and i am giving you
instructions on how to inbound the ball to our star player for one last shot. I
cannot win this game for us because i am on the sidelines. However, i have
fought, clawed, scratched, faced insurmountable obstacles, given

it every last drop of energy i had to get us to the point where we have
this one chance for victory. i do not seek glory or power, all i want is to see
us win, and after that, to sit on a beach, drink beer and watch the NBA finals
on TV. This mail is my last play, once done, i am away. There is only one man
who can win this game for us and that is the BiG O. You are inbounding him the
ball, and you have to convince him that he can make the shot.

Everything you are about to hear i urge you to verify independently. Some
will tell you that i am mad, delusional, dangerous, a criminal. There is only so
much i can write in one mail but there are four books and 13 short

films that state my case absolutely clearly. Please do not be complacent,
not when SO much is at stake. i have rectified the flaw in einstein's theory of
relativity and have detailed the true history and nature of humanity.

Lets go back 14 000 years, to the very beginning of human history, to the
time of Atlantis. Details are sketchy and i do not have all of them as yet but
Atlantis was the pinnacle of humanity, that is when the Aliens came.

The leader of the aliens is a creature called Satan, they destroyed
Atlantis, erased our history and enslaved humanity. They have kept humanity on
its knees for the past 14 000 years. Only one secret society of humans

has resisted this alien occupation. They are called the illuminati ( the
illuminated ones ) and i am the most recent Grandmaster. Satan is the Eye in the
Pyramid. He has many names, Yahweh, God, Allah, the Abrahamic religions are the
jewels in his crown, divide and conquer is his modus operandi. he has 144 alien
helpers in human form, people like Benjamin Fulford, Michael T Meiring, members
of the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans.

Furthermore, he has roughly 6000 human traitors who sold their soul to the
devil, and now assist him to enslave humanity. They are the rich and famous, the
ruling power elite. i'm sure you are familiar with many of them.

Mr. Obama will know what i am talking about, he was elected by the people,
and given a mandate to govern for the people, but it did not take him long to
succumb, that is plain and obvious for all to see and not difficult to
understand. The opposition is not to be underestimated, they are smart, they
lie, they cheat, they harass, they intimidate, they will do all that it takes to
win, obviously, how else could they have dominated us for so long ?

Satan is always found where the power resides. The resistance has had only
a handful of victories, most notably the French Revolution where we almost
captured the alien but he escaped to Russia. Napoleon chased him

to Moscow but ultimately failed. The 1917 Revolution was another victory
but he again escaped, this time to Germany. Everywhere he goes he brings chaos
and destruction. We failed once more in WW2, and he managed

to escape to America and take refuge in the Pentagon. For a while America
did well, but look now, it is on the verge of collapse, and so he is planning
his next Great escape. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where

he is trying to flee. Imagine the power he would bring to 1.3 Billion
Chinese people, especially if the scum succeed in helping him move all of the
world's gold there. Satan does not care about Countries or Nationalities. It

only power that he craves. The end of this war will come on June 1st, one
way or the other. If Satan successfully escapes to China Mr Keenan we will have
another 1000 years of slavery to look forward to. Our time is now.

Let me explain why this time We Will WIN. Because it has been Prophesied.
Do a little research into a document called the Voynich Manuscript. It is housed
at the Yale University Library but you can find all you need on line.

What you will be looking at is nothing less than The HOLY GRAIL itself.
Written by the survivors from the Lost Continent of Atlantis. A book 10 000
years older than the Bible. Look at the sleeping baby on page 82, that is

My grandmother was Anastasia Romanov, i am the oldest and only great
grandson of Tsar Nicholas Romanov which makes me the one and only rightful heir
to the Russian Throne. Much more importantly however, and this is the reason the
aliens cannot defeat me, i am a direct descendant of Jesus Christ who was first
and strongest among all of Satan's Archons. Just imagine the sort power i could
wield as the King of Russia and Chief Servant of Satan. That line was broken
however and i grew up in poverty, therefore i have known what it is like to be
deprived all my life, and i will not be satisfied until privilege, cronyism and
nepotism is forever banished from this Earth.

Mr. Obama must do the right thing. He was elected by the PEOPLE, he owes
his Allegiance to the People and not to a tiny evil cabal of super rich and
privileged Devil Worshippers. Please pass this message to him and help him to
see the LIGHT. Should he refuse, make no mistake that we have our methods, and
one way or the other, either we Will FORCE HIM to see the Light, or we will
destroy this planet to once and for all end the rule of Evil.

Being a basketball player, a fighter and a warrior Mr Keenan, i am sure you
will agree with me when i say it is better to die standing on your feet than
live a pitiful and degrading existence on your knees. WE have the weapon to end
this world Mr. Keenan, but naturally we would prefer not to use it. The clock
expires at 11:11 pm GMT on Sunday April 24. Our demands are the following : We
want Mr. Julian Assange to be freed from the unjust and fabricated charges which
have been brought against him and we want to see him making a statement
regarding this on the BBC News. Furthermore, we need a little bit of money.
Enough for you to proceed with your lawsuit against Del Bosco and what my
brother Nebojsa Stanisic asks for, it is less than a drop in the ocean and
please organize this through him directly. Should Mr.Obama require further
persuasion please point out to him that in our possession are the hacked
Australian Government emails between Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defense
Minister Steve Smith in which Mr Obama's involvement in the unlawful dismissal
of a democratically elected Prime Minister of an ally country will be made plain
for all to see. It will make the Watergate Scandal seem like a Sunday afternoon
picnic and Mr. Obama will go down in infamy as the most disgraceful President of
all time.

There is nothing more i can do Mr. Keenan, i will not send or receive any
more emails and i will switch off my computer, drink some beer, watch the news
on TV and pray.

The whistle is about to sound Mr. Keenan, 10 seconds remain, that is an
eternity in basketball, this war will end on June 1st. The ball is in your hands
now. Best of LUCK.


Grandmaster of the illuminati

Finder of the Holy Grail

Author of " 666 "

The Anti Christ

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Comment by Ullan on April 24, 2011 at 11:13am

PA, I quite agree.


That's why I cannot and will not support a message that includes the threat that all has to do as told or the earth will be destroyed. Anyone threathening the destruction of a biosphere to get their way is just another despot.


Similarly, I do not read Nidle's message anymore. As you quite rightly put, they are simply repeating themselves in precise cycles.


The great drama in this is that for a conscious decision to be made, the mental effort has to be expended. There has to be great /thought/ beforehand, and most of the people I meet these days seem to believe that someone else will do the thinking for them, and then present them with options. To those who do not want to hear, no voice will be loud enough.


To that end, I also refuse to place the blame for all the world's woes in the lap of 'an unseen cabal of dark powers', as this is simply refusing to take blame for our own part in the world's decline. As long as we look at external agencies or powers for either our salvation or damnation, we will never truly appreciate the power of choice and change that resides within each of us.


The first part of freedom, and the most important part of true freedom, is the freedom to accept the consequences of one's actions. Without consequences, there can be no freedom. So always think before you leap.

Comment by Trudy on April 24, 2011 at 2:05am

All this drama ...

72 hours to save the world

you must make a choice

What do you want and what do you do ???


Easy enough continue breathing be a better person then i was before and Love my Mother Earth, that's all (^L^)


Comment by Pat on April 24, 2011 at 12:34am

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 24-Apr-2011 00:24:09

Note: I realize there has been some controversy surrounding Raheem lately and I was correct that his message had been changed by the dark cabal to discredit him.
Some were mistaken that he was the problem...but it was not his words in question...but he was victim the same as SaLuSa was by the dark side.
For most of us it is not so hard to tell the difference lately.
In this communication he describes 2 different possible scenarios for us and we need to work on the latter one.
If you take notice this message is very similar to the one (below) by Germain in that it tells us we need to ask for help before we can expect change.
The GFL can not interfere with our "free will" unless we ask for their help to end the madness & help bring a new reality to planet earth & it's people.
It has become apparent we can not stop or change the will of the Illuminati that controls the world today.
They are telling us what we need to do...please pay attention. Mr.Ed


Greetings this is Raheem,

This is a message from the High Commander of the New High Command. Those in the Hierarchy wish you peace, love and good health to the extent possible.

The current condition of the planet is known and there are those that are truly concerned. However, there is turmoil and differences of opinion in the Hierarchy at this time concerning planet Earth. There are those that feel that an intervention for the planet would not be a wise decision to make at this time for planet Earth. There are those that feel that there could be serious repercussions if intervention is allowed. However, myself and others feel that the Earth has been experiencing serious repercussions for a long time now and that an intervention is absolutely needed. Part of the reason for those that are not in favor of intervention has to do with some of our strict policies and directives about non-interference with Governments of other worlds.

However, on certain occasions those rules have been broken as rules are meant to be broken. In the past we have liberated slave races of the lluminati from bondage. Some of those planets that we directly intervened had to do with similar situations of the Illuminati (Orion syndicate) that took control of planets that they were not supposed to. Those planets that were controlled and dominated by the reptilians were in no way comparable to the control structure that exists here on the Earth. However, such slave races have been freed from dark bondage as I feel this planet needs to be freed from the enslavement of the dark and highly complex control structure of the reptilians that control this planet.

I have personally rooted out many in the New High Command that feel Earth and the people on it should just be left to fate and let the scenario play out. This involved the suspending and firing of Commanders and those in high ranks that I have worked with for a long time. This was not an easy decision to make, but my experience tells me that it needed to be done. There are those up there that are not too fond of me. On the other hand, there are those that love me. Such is the case with most people. I do not need anyone’s approval. I am not looking for approval. What I am asking people to do both up there and more so down on the planet is to make a choice.

Here is the choice before you. Either, we can allow the Earth to continue on its present course and let things play out. This would mean that there would be nothing but turmoil in the next few years. There would be a rude awakening of the people on the planet that the governments do not care about the people and are actually committing genocide on the people as a race. It would result as I have said before in global revolution and culminate in a Nuclear Holocaust resulting in wiping out half the planet. I do not say this to make you fearful. I say this because it is the reality of the course of this planet. If anyone says that this is just a message of fear, I say to those ones that you are seriously deluding yourselves and are in total denial of what is going on. I say again, if anyone thinks this is just a fearful message, I say that you are seriously deluding yourselves and are in total denial of what is going on. One does not conquer fear by being in denial of the facts. One conquers fear by being courageous and taking the appropriate action(s), whatever that might be.

I must say one thing about an inevitable Nuclear attack against the U.S. The Middle East is fed up with the United States conquering countries in the Middle East and is currently uniting together to form a Super Power. The Middle East is not going to allow the U.S. to conquer and pillage anymore Middle Eastern countries. If the U.S. takes over just one or two more Middle Eastern countries, then the Middle East will unite together and retaliate against the U.S. with Nuclear Missiles. This is not speculation. This is actually being planned now in the Middle East. The U.S. is on the brink to a Nuclear Attack. This would eventually be followed by a Third World War resulting in the Nuclear War that I have mentioned in previous times. That is the present course and fate of the planet. The collective consciousness and energy of the planet is dictating this. On a higher scale, this scenario is actually being orchestrated by higher powers as a polarity experiment. That is the greatest reason I feel that another choice should be offered to the people of the Earth.

The other choice is to allow an intervention plan that is designed to purge the dark control structure on the planet and those that perpetuate it. This would be a
plan that not everyone on the planet would agree with (especially those of the dark). It would entail that we take over the air space of the planet. It would involve broadcasting over the wires of who we are and what our intentions are. It would involve landing our ships and making first contact. It would also involve using whatever amount of force necessary to change the present government structure and secure a new fair and just government for the people. It would involve arresting all officials and non-officials working for the dark and have them deported off the planet. It would also involve executions of the Illuminati, including Past Presidents and leaders that have been guilty for their crimes against humanity.

I call attention to all these things because I wish the people of the Earth to understand what exactly to expect if an intervention was actually put into effect. Not everyone would agree to all the things done (especially the dark). But, if an intervention is desired by the people of the Earth, especially those suffering with poverty, hunger, starvation, chronic illness, sickness, incapacitation, etc… (About 90% of the planet), then expect the things mentioned above to take place. I have no problem with doing the things necessary and using the force necessary to accomplish this objective for the Earth. We have the power, but have you made the choice?

If you look at things in the context that I have presented, then you can see why this choice is a difficult one. In my best experience and in my full knowledge of what has taken place on this planet (for I do live down here) and in the Universe, I absolutely believe that an intervention should take place and should have long ago. When I walked into the body I am currently in about 15 years ago (for I am a fully conscious walk-in), I was shown and felt all of the cries of humanity. The main reason I came to this planet was to liberate it from Illuminati bondage. There were a whole series of set-backs in accomplishing this objective both on and off planet since I was sent here by The Galactic Federation of Planets, High Council (which technically does not exist anymore and the structure has been changed).

I feel that the suffering people on this planet deserve to be liberated. This is true even though lethal force would have to be used against our governments and military forces. Currently, the Pentagon, Air Defense, and even certain municipalities have been notified of our presence in the Air space and have seen and felt the threat that we represent to them. We take no action against them unless we forewarn them first. If these forces ignore our warnings and authority, then I personally have no sympathy on them. They have made a choice. They have chosen to ignore a higher authority, making them direct enemies of the Galactic authorities. Currently, they are wondering what our next move is going to be. Truthfully, I am too, because it partly depends on you all. That emphasizes the power of choice, both individually and more important collectively.

I ask that you make a choice regarding the scenarios mentioned above. For if you do not, the choice will choose you. If you choose the option of Intervention, then please make this known in your prayers, meditations and even in groups.

Remember that you do have a choice. That is why this message is presented. Choose well and may you Be well,


High Commander of

The New High Command

The people of the world have a choice to make |
Comment by jose v on April 23, 2011 at 8:15pm

I know something the rest of This message has personal  emails to the pope and many heads of state .

Comment by Ullan on April 23, 2011 at 6:17pm

Ah, 'Alexander Romanov' again. I noticed he stopped posting here directly a while back, I suppose he's posting by proxy now.


I call bunk on him and his statements. Destroy the Earth to end the rule of evil? Not his call to make. That weapon that can destroy the planet? Not going to happen.


He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, a true Romanov should know /that/ all too well. You cannot bring about peace by making threats of global destruction. In that case, we would merely be swapping one 'rule of evil' with another.


The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. And if this Alexander claims to be a force of light, then it's the kind of light that has faded into grey and come out on the other side, black as ink.

Comment by tranceman on April 23, 2011 at 6:09am
so will the world be destroyed on April 24th or June 1st?
Comment by Besimi on April 22, 2011 at 3:30pm
On this memorial friday of crucifixion

By Eve / Esu

Apr 22, 2011 - 12:32:37 AM

On this memorial friday of crucifixion

22nd april 2011

Esu through Eve

Esu, I just wanted to tell you: I remember you, and what happened. I'm a bit in fear to tap into all this again.

Eve, good morning. You don't necessarily need to tap into it, but I cannot guarantee that some things just come by. The excess of cruelty happening on this day was an expression of a sphere of matter which is far behind in development, and to arrange for this last self bestowal on this planet was a risky enterprise through and through. Well, CM knew the risk and me, too, but the decision to do it was also very much an expression of Cm's very special way to make his universe more experimental than others. It's much about great payout after much risk taken, and also, no risk no fun. I don't want to say the crucifixion was fun, and it made Urantia to be the only sphere in Nebadon where human creation murdered their own creator's material expression. But the mission was not only the 3 days of crucifixion and resurrection, you guys tend to report just more the painful things, but there's also the sunny side of this bestowal, which made him/us say, it was worth the experience by all means.

Well, yesterday I was working in my garden and the thorn of a rose got stuck in my finger, it hurt very much. And I though - if just thhis one thorn can cause this much pain, how must you have suffered!

Now, the memory is stored for all times, but again I hint that many came after me/CM, and even before us, who have suffered likewise and maybe even more, - not only the physical pain of torture, but also the psychic pain about what people are able to do to their brethren and creation as a whole. My message to all of you - on this memorial friday of crucifixion - is to hold your balance, and to not allow yourselves to be pull yourselves downwards into the struggles of darkness connected with the memory of this event, but to look forward into the light times, to let yourselves be penetrated with the knowledge of hope and victory, as well as of the final and thorough clearing up of the dark elements who are now in agony facing their own harvest of self-crucifixion as a result of the seed they placed on the terrain of CM of Nebadon.
Eve, you got this mind movie from our celestial movie-studios, and even if you do not wish to publish it in detail, I'd be happy if you at least published the core of this briefing. This briefing was done back then in a clearvoyant sight of what was to come, somehow it can be seen timeless, and you may regard it as directed to all of you - who are now involved in the work of Christ. It is mainly directed to all who regard themselves as belonging to the family of AbundantHope ground crew, which is the entrusted organization of the Second Coming of Christ, which has already started and will finally lead the world back there where it belongs to. Now go back to the ancient times and hear the briefing which was then directed to Magdalen, beloved Nada, who was entrusted - as the extraordinary team player she is - to carry on the candle of hope on this sphere, which had been brought and ignited by Christ. Thank you for publishing this on my behalf and inthe name of Christ Michael. Esu.

Inserted as requested

The backstage briefing

14th april 2011


„Immanuel, what's up?" She asks him with sorrow in her voice.
„Maria," he starts. „We must talk. I sense that things are heading for a finale. Time to face the potentials, my love. You know the facts. There's a possibility that we we'll be separated and that our common way will suddenly end!"
He looks straight into her eyes. „It means that the sanhedrin and counterplayers will end my life, or at least try to do so. If it takes place you must remain strong - equal how I come out from this situation - dead or alive - I lay the mission in your hands. You as my consort were selected for this, and there are not many - if one at all - whose shoulders are wide enough to carry it on. You must be aware, Maria, that this is the mission of the Father, that this is an event which has long been planned - even before we came into this incarnation. This world has suffered a lot, and it will go on so far quite a while, but we - as the bringers of the light of dawn - have to take care of it, so that it may carry on and last. Maria, I see the tears in your eyes, but you and me must be aware of the divine mission in every minute, you must heed it in your heart, you must place the anchors in people's hearts, wherever possible. Even if I cannot be at your side any more, I will always reside in your heart to strengthen you. Don't allow to be overcome by hopelessness. We are the carriers of the divine plan, and there is much trust in us. I guarantee you, the divine ranks of audience are filled with observers, and even if it seems that you are lonely and foresaken, this is not so, there is always assistance and you must never forget the order you brought here from the celestial spheres. (He shortly interrupts and caresses her cheek, deeply moved) He goes on: This is my personal briefing for you, Maria, I'm speaking on behalf of Christ, who I AM, expressing my deepest thankfulnss for the service you do and the willingness to take the hardships which are still to come. You will have to be very careful, Maria, as in certain circles it's known who we are, they will try to follow and eliminate you. They will try to take the seed away. You must follow your motherly instinct and protect the seed, so that it can grow."
Immanuel smiles a bit and furthermore comments: „There will be the seed of the word of the Father placed in the hearts of the people, and there will be the physical seed placed in your lap. You are due to become a grail for the divine aspect, so to say, to gift a dynasty of spiritually educated human beings to this world of hardships, which are destinated to become the torches ignited by the light of the divine father & mother. There will be very few to trust, you must discern, carefully, or the mission will be blown. I rely on you, Maria. Don't seek the public light. Place the light-seed in the hidden valleys which have not yet seen the feet of many visitors. Work backstage, and please, when it looks like I'm gone, trust that I'm alive. There will be evidence, I promise you. I'll have to suffer and to drink this cup, but this will set a sign for the world to see. Maria, I ask you: ARE YOU AWARE WHO I AM?"
„Heed, Maria, what I tell you NOW. I AM CHRIST, and I AM the incarnate son of the Eternal Father in heaven, and at the same time I'm Esu, your divine consort, My christed part will end this mission to ascend back to the spheres of the universe and the other part will try to stay a little longer to spread more teachings. Now, be strong, Maria. We cannot do this together, this is too dangerous."
„Dearest and most beloved Maria. It's YOUR turn to fulfill your contract. I as Christ heartfelt ask you to take your part and fulfill what you signed. There is nobody else who could take over, this crossroads point is yours alone to handle, while my crossroads point is to close this circle of incarnation for the public."
„I need to have your promise to go on, Maria, and be strong. The eyes of the universe will be directed upon you! Love is eternal, but these are just a few years on a planet of matter, remember your education. This knowlege makes you superior to all others, and it will greatly help you to be successful."
He kisses the palms of her hands. „Maria," he says softly. This divine mission is that big, you may never ever allow it to be overlayered by personal concerns. This is a single and unique chance. You are the only one whom I can brief that directly. It's in your hands to care best so that it will not be corrupted. Most likely parts of it will become blown, as you cannot be everywhere at the same time, our disciples will do the best possible, but some will become victims of their deficites and spiritual ego (he speaks with more urgency) ... Maria, will you promise me to carry the mission on?" (She just stares at him still hesitating). „MARIA!" (She looks at her hands, rank hands of a woman, and her bracelet with the golden snakes shines with the evening sun. She remembers her education and temple training in Egypt. She was told that she was being trained to serve a great Avatar coming. She understands. Immanuel still looks at her, His eyes easily penetrate her being up to the core. Slowly she nods.)
„I will take over, I promise you" she replys, placing her right hand upon her heart. „I promise you out of my deepest divine I AM presence. I will carry the mission on."
Immanuel is very serious. „I thank you on behalf of this entire universe", he answers. „I thank you in the name of CHRIST and in the name of the one who came to be the guide. Peace be with you and strength, beloved, faith where you meet lack of understanding, love where it was absent before and a divine connection never to be interrupted. Carry me like a fire in your heart, ignite the world by the divine spark. The white dove will be circling in the skies of this world. Behold this in your heart, always."

Blessings to all, Eve.

Un giorno sa, per noi verrà
La libertà di amarci qui senza limiti
E fiorirà il sogno a noi negato
Si svelerà l'amor celato ormai
Un giorno sai, per vivere
La vita che ci sfugge qui

L'amore in noi supererà
Gli ostacoli e le maree delle avversità (dell'ostilità)
E ci sarà anche per noi nel mondo Un tempo in cui l'amore vincerà Per te per me

L'amore in noi supererà
Gli ostacoli e le maree delle avversità (dell'ostilità)
E ci sarà anche per noi nel mondo Un tempo in cui l'amore vincerà
Un tempo in cui l'amore vinceràLike 0 members like this
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Comment by Besimi on April 22, 2011 at 3:07pm

very interesting indeed,Jose :)

...thnx Dear friend. Namaste.

Comment by ian on April 22, 2011 at 2:13pm
Wow interesting.  Not sure what to think of this but interesting none the less.

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