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Global Population Reduction: Confronting the Inevitable Mass Murder of Billions of Human Beings

We, the mass of humanity, the overwhelming majority of people on this planet are far more deserving of it’s resources than a few psychopathic criminal elites with nothing better to think about than the mass slaughter of our fellow human beings.

It’s time to wake up, rise up and remove these parasites from our society. It is simply a matter of them or us and at the moment they are holding all the aces. We need to turn this around rapidly before our children, grandchildren and our future generations are consigned, not only to the employment scrapheap but to the furnaces of a modern day Aushwitz.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on April 22, 2011 at 7:55am

I to believe the time line is days a way to say no more to these control freaks .And stand up to there insanity that they seam to think we are not able to take back what they feel we are to stupid to do .If they only knew how dumb it is to think that we the people are incaqpable all they have to do to see how wrong they are is to look arou8nd and tell me if there empir5e isnt cracking and falling apart at the top greed has a wa y of self destructing

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