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Watching Myself; or, Wanting to be Happy By Steve Beckow

Watching Myself; or, Wanting to be Happy
By Steve Beckow

Caution: You may get to where you’re headed

Probably because of the rising vibrations but perhaps also because of the cumulative impact of growth work, I can now watch myself make decisions.

I still find a strong streak of self-righteousness involved in my decision-making that may impact others.

I was asked to pick up a jar of coconut oil. I personally don’t use it any more, since the Healthy Heart people banned it as an oil that becomes a solid at room temperature. (1)

Here I was, saying to myself, coconut oil is not good for you. It clogs your arteries.

Next: I won’t return it for you if I buy the wrong kind.

On and on I went, having this self-righteous and defensive argument with someone else over something that hadn’t even happened.

So stop the camera. What is it that happened long ago that has my default programming be so routinely offensive? ...+

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