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By Matt Kahn

Prejudice is a form of bias. It is a filter of misperception where someone else’s individuality is ignored in favor of fixating on the specific traits or qualities that match the description of characters associated with trauma.

Sometimes such prejudice is not based on the traumas of the person viewing through a bias, but handed down from family members and taken on by those desperate for approval from their family of origin.

Whether its a gender bias, a racial prejudice, judgments about special needs, sexual orientation, religious viewpoints, political affiliations, or cultural differences, the tendency to lump individuals into categories of generalization based solely on the unconscionable actions of others is how the conflict of separation is perpetuated.

This helps us recognize prejudice as a trauma wound that has calcified into a hardened bias used to give people a false sense of power as a coping mechanism for the loss of power someone has yet to reclaim.

Rather than attempting to prove your worth or convince someone how different you are, the best approach is compassion.

Perhaps it arises as a simple truth you can convey by saying or thinking, ...+

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